Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Checked Out Two Days Early!

10:58 am:
Whatta dingbat I am! I checked out of Days Inn two days early. I have definitely lost my mind!

Anyway, I am back at Days Inn now. Same room as before. Baby Boid has requested his cage door to be open. He wants to have the run of the place!

11:20 am:
When I bought my new Western Digital 2TB hard drive, it came with a thing they call WD2GO. This is some kind of personal cloud solution offered by Western Digital.

I don't fully understand the thing. But it sounded kinda good to me. And it's from Western Digital. It backs up my Mac Air to the cloud!

Just what I want! So, I went for it. ­čśÄ

3:33 pm:
Cleaning Up An Electrical Ugliness
Yesterday afternoon, that George guy spent about two hours on a ladder enlarging a hole in Señor Tránsito's roof [With a file no less!].

The hole in Tr├ínsito's roof is for the cable from our Yingli solar panel. That cable runs thru that hole and connects to the Renogy solar battery charge controller mounted on one of Se├▒or Tr├ínsito's shelves.

We cannot have an open hole in Tr├ínsito's roof. When it rained, it would get mighty wet inside Tr├ínsito! Initially, that cable ran thru a couple of plumbing fittings whose function was to keep the rain from running down that cable. But those ugly plumbing fittings offended George's senses.

So, George came up with the idea of replacing the ugly plumbing fittings with a nice white PVC fitting. All well and good. Except for one thing! The white PVC fitting had a 1" pipe thread and the hole in the roof was sized for a 3/4" pipe thread.

That's why that George guy was up on a ladder enlarging the hole in Tránsito's roof with a file! Fruitless! That's what attempting to enlarge a hole that much is!

So, this afternoon, George is making a run down to The Home Depot to figure out something that will go into that now enlarged hole.

View From Bridge Street.
On the bridge.

Note: The haziness you see in the pic above is the result of smoke from the terrible fires all over the western United States.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,125 feet



  1. That's OK Mr. G dementia sets in occasionally
    Just chalk it up as you were testing the days in checkout system
    And it sounded like they passed
    you checked out,, (just fine thank you )
    now testing the check in system ( sounded like that went off without a hitch )

    Cloud is $.99 a month after a certain amount of gigs you don't need a back up system If you use cloud that is your backup system
    As long as you don't get dementia do you have access to it all the time your computer will ask you for a back up if you signed in to cloud computer does it automatically say good night George

    1. RE: Cloud Backup
      Just remember that you'll use a lot of your data allowance everytime you push a backup image to the Cloud. Best to manually do it only when you're on WiFi.


    2. Hi Joe,

      Got that! ­čśÄ



  2. In regards to losing your mind, probably not, someone who has lost their mind wouldn't know it. To bad we can't back it up on the 'cloud'.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Checking out of my hotel room 1-day early was a calculation error on my part.

      I calculated 3-days. It was actually 3-nites!

      I thought: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday =
      Checkout of hotel Wednesday morning.

      It is actually: Monday nite, Tuesday nite, Wednesday nite = Checkout of hotel Thursday morning.

      Turns out that Scampy will not have her changes complete until Friday. So, I am booked at Days Inn until Friday morning, 11 am.



  3. George
    Go to the electrical section and look for "duct caulk". It comes in a brick shape. You tear off a hunk, shape it and form it into the opening and around the cables. It stays soft and malleable and you can make completely waterproof seals that stay waterproof even if things move slightly from vibration, etc. I always keep some around as one of my "miracle substances".


    1. Hi Joe,

      Thank you sooooo much!

      I am doing exactly that!