Friday, August 10, 2018

Lot To Do

7:11 am:
When all of Scampy's things that were removed for the Vinyl Plank Flooring project were re-installed, there was still a lot to do. But the remaining "to-dos" may be completed at our leisure. Except for one important item.

That item is the fresh water vent tube! We all know that George commented against needing that vent tube. And many Readers sided with Mister Ed who wrote that the vent tube was necessary. 

Well, George was wrong and Mister Ed was right! Thank you, Ed! ­čśő

7:32 am:
Trash Dump
The Vinyl Plank Flooring project developed a large amount of trash that must be taken to a dump.

Fortunately, Missoula Montana has such a dump. And the Scampy Team will be off to that dump when they open at 8am!

10:30 am to 1:30 pm:
Attaching Vent Tube!
It may seem impossible that I could be working on attaching the vent tube for over 3-hours. But it's true!

First, we had to go buy a 1/4" pipe x 3/8" tube fitting at Home Depot for the vent tube. That buy was a pretty straightforward event for George who has vast experience in such plumbing matters! ­čśť

Then, the plastic vent tube had to be cut to length. Tough tube! We used a long tree limb trimmer that we keep onboard for forest travel [Sometimes a tree limb will fall across the road and block our path!]. The vent tube now had to be attached to to the tank fitting that was purchased at Home Depot.

So far, so good. Then came the unexpected part. The filler tube that came from the Scamp Trailer factory had an inside diameter that was just a bit too small. Usually, this is no big deal. Just heat the tube up using a BBQ lighter and the heated tube gets soft and slides right on the fitting. But not this tube! Even when softened by the heat, the tube just slipped off when tightening the hose clamp. George tried and tried and tried. For over an hour, he tried.

Finally, it was concluded that this filler tube was not designed to accept a hose clamp because when the hose clamp was tightened on the filler tube, the clamp just slipped right off the fitting! We went to an auto parts place and bought another hose. The auto parts guy commented that our hose looked to him like one found on a vacuum cleaner. Can you imagine that? Another one of Scamp Trailer ideas gone wrong!

3:14 pm:
The Dump
By now it was sooooo hot inside Scampy, that Boid and George decided to get out of the heat. We drove to the dump to get rid of all our stuff accumulated from the Vinyl Plank Flooring project. Of course, Señor Tránsito had his air-conditioner blasting. But even so, it remained pretty warm inside Tránsito!

BTW: We Blogged to you earlier that we had intended to go to the dump around 8am in the morning. But we got so busy with the fresh water tank tubing install, that we never went to the dump during the morning!

5:10 pm:
The  Southgate Mall
You may be aware that George does not do well when the temperature gets high. Remember that he nearly killed himself when taking a nap inside Scampy when the temperature zoomed while were at the FMCA rally in Gillette Wyoming? George may have had a heat stroke! That was a close call!

When we were at the dump, George was pretty much overwhelmed by the heat. When we drove away from the dump and were inside Se├▒or Tr├ínsito's air-conditioned comfort, we were kinda OK. But even with A/C on, Se├▒or Tr├ínsito, was not able to bring the temp down enough.

Boid and George talked about the heat problem and decided to go to the Southgate Shopping Mall and enjoy their super powered air-conditioning. We are there now. George bought a large Iced Frappe! Yummm!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,186 feet



  1. George, the easiest way to repair the fresh water vent would be to replace the entire inlet assembly. They're available online for about $30.

    Make the vent tube a little longer so it doesn't put as much strain on the new inlet.

    1. Hi Lou,

      Interesting idea. I was not aware that vent tubing assemblies for all the different RVs were available for sale.

      I am fixing up Scampy's fresh water tank's filler and vent tubes.



  2. I may be a pain in the ass, and I not always praise things in the correct way,,, but I'm always glad to help,,
    isn't there a trash dumpster at the back of your hotel?motel.

    1. Hi Ed,

      You are not a pain in the ass to me! Remember how you helped me with your suggestion about using the threaded inserts in Señor Tránsito's roof for attaching our new solar panel rack?

      I never would have found those threaded inserts without your comment about them! Because the inserts were covered by a blind cap and not visible.

      I still do not understand how you knew about these obscure threaded inserts!?



  3. Mr Ed. I’m pretty sure dumpsters belonging to private businesses are not there for the public.

    1. Bill I was assuming that Mr. G we're staying at the hotel / motel
      As one of their guests they probably wouldn't mind it

    2. Mister Ed,

      I had too much trash to dump for me to be comfortable using the hotel dumpster.

      In this case, I paid the Republic trash management company here in Missoula Montana to accept our rubbish.



  4. George, I'm not understanding why you are not making it a priority to go get the air conditioner you ordered, and get it installed. I am worried that harm is going to come to you and Boid in this heat.

    1. Hi RandB,

      The repair of the fresh water tank's filler tube and vent tube was a higher priority than the installation of the new air-condtioner.

      I am being very careful when the temperature rises. For example, yesterday afternoon when the temp inside Scampy had risen passed 90℉, Boid and I went to the Southgate Mall in Missoula Montana, and relaxed in the air-conditioned comfort.

      Many shoppers stopped to admire Baby Boid, because he is so gorgeous. Especially children stopped to ask about Boid. "What kind of bird is Boid?" was a frequent question.



  5. I'm surprised (and very glad) that they allowed you to bring Boid into the Mall.

    Love your T-shirt!