Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New Look

2:56 am:
We want to replace Scampy's tabletop which is made from some kind of particle board composite. At The Home Depot in Sandpoint Idaho, we bought a 4' x 4' good quality 3/4" plywood board which gave us enough plywood for the tabletop and a new shelf inside Scampy's large closet.

We were thinking about putting a cherry colored laminate on this plywood board. But that laminated tabletop would then look sooooo much better than all of the other cherry colored stuff [Drawer fronts, toilet door] inside Scampy!

At the Cabinet Warehouse website [Link] we read these words:
"Give your kitchen a whole new look."

Wow! What a great idea! Now we are thinking about buying laminate sheets to recover all of Scampy's cherry colored door and drawer fronts!

8:12 am:
Giant Bath Tubs
I've stayed twice at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. That was long before I became an RVer.  Maybe 10 years before.

The Ahwahnee had the largest bathtubs. Cast iron jobs they were. The tubs sat on cast iron feet. When I bathed in one of Ahwahnee's tubs, I was able to lie on my back on the bottom of the tub and my head and feet did not touch the ends of the tub!

The tub here where I am staying at Days Inn in Ponderay is not bad. Plenty long enough. But perhaps 3-feet shorter than those Ahwahnee tubs.

I bathed yesterday when I first arrived at Days Inn. This morning, I bathed again. I just love bathtubs!

5:37 pm:
Wiring From Yingli To Renogy
My wiring from the Yingli solar panel to the Renogy Battery Charge Controller
is kinda ugly. The cables run thru galvanized pipe fittings installed in Señor Tránsito's roof. And those pipe fittings are terribly ugly!

Several weeks ago at The Home Depot, I stumbled across a white colored PVC fitting that looked sooooo much nicer than the existing galvanized fitting. And that one PVC fitting will replace three galvanized fittings!

Today I am attempting to install this white PVC fitting and at the same time clean up the wiring. Also, the connectors into the Renogy are being upgraded which is a BIG improvement.

You know me! Always trying to make things better!

8:29 pm:
Seagate Standalone Hard Drive Went Bad
A couple of days ago, my Western Digital standalone hard drive went bad. I sent that drive to an online repair company and that company wanted $988 to repair it. Of course, I said no to that offer.

Just now I plugged in my Seagate standalone hard drive. The Seagate is bad also!!!!

Now I am going to buy THREE standalone hard drives. Each of them will back up the same data. If three go bad all at the same time, I will figure that external forces are at work here.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,125 feet



  1. George
    Have them send it back and try a Staples store they recovered mine for about $100.

    1. Hi Otto,

      For $83.74, I just bought a brand new hard drive at WalMart.

      It's backing up my Mac right now, as I type this reply to your comment.



  2. Hey George, I suggest at least one io the drives be a "solid state" or SSD drive... No moving parts. You pay more per gigabyte, but much more durable.

    Just my $.02

    1. Hi Kent,

      Good comment/suggestion.

      My Mac Air has a solid state hard drive.



  3. Kent,

    Just checked price. It costs 4x as much for 1/2 the storage.

    Seems hardly worth it since the cloud is there for me.



    1. If you're using the cloud then you shouldn't need external drives. Or am I missing something?

    2. Since your hard drive in your laptop is an SSD, and you will be using cloud backup, I agree.