Monday, August 20, 2018

Run 120 Volt AC Line

8:26 am:
The highest priority item to do next is running a new 120 volt AC line. This line will connect the 2000 watt inverter located in Scampy's big closet to a new duplex box which will be located on Scampy's rear wall.

George has been giving a lot of thought over the past few days to the easiest way to route this line. The chosen route will go thru the floor of the big closet. Then under Scampy's floor to the area of the bench seat that contains the fresh water tank. Back up thru the floor past the fresh water tank.

At this point, the new AC line will be only inches from the location of the new duplex box.

10:26 am:
Western Digital Stand-Alone Drive
We use two stand-alone drives to backup data. A Western Digital and a Seagate. Both are 2 terabyte capacity drives.

The Western Digital went bad this morning. When I looked at the Seagate, I realized that all of my iTunes downloaded movies are NOT on this drive!!

This means that all of the movies must be re-downloaded.

1:01 pm:
Scampy In The Shop
A little while ago we received a phone call from Lake RV. Their shop is ready to begin working on MsScampy!

We checked in to Lake RV and went over the stuff that they are doing for Scampy:
➜ Install our Plisse screen door [Link].
➜ Repair (6) holes in Scampy's fiberglass. One hole is where the 7-pin connector cable and 12 volts DC solar power cable pass thru to Scampy's big cabinet.
➜ Replace the upper hinge to Scampy's exit door.
➜ Replace Scampy's tongue jack which now is bent.

Days Inn
While Scampy is in the Lake RV shop, George is staying at the Days Inn, only a long block away from Lake RV.

Our room is booked for three days. That's our estimate of how long Scampy will remain in Lake RV's shop.

3:58 pm:
Bank Error In Your Favor
Back in the days when you played the board game, Monopoly, there was a card that you drew that stated:
Bank error in your favor. Pass go and collect $200!

Those were the glory days of our childhood. Now that we are adults we have learned that when banks make errors, those mistakes will be in their favor. Never, ever, ever in our favor.

A strange thing occurred today. When I used Quicken to update my credit card account that I have with the DofA [Despicable of America], it showed a credit balance of over $700!

I immediately figured this to be a Quicken error and phoned Quicken support. While waiting on hold for support, I went online to take a look at my checking account. The $700 had to come from somewhere!? But I could not locate a matching transaction for DofA's credit balance.

So I left the Quicken support phone call and phoned DofA support. Being the despicable bank that they are, DofA's phone calls are answered only by robots. It took over 30 minutes and three phone calls for me to connect to a live support person because the first two calls hung up on me!

When at last I was speaking to support, I explained that there is a credit balance on my card. Would DofA send that balance to my checking account? Yes! Of course we will send it!

Music to my ears!

What is your account number? Also, what is your routing number? I gave DofA support those numbers. And she estimated that this "error in my favor" should reach my bank in about a week!

Fabulous! Thank you so much!

I learned today that the Bank of America transferred without authorization, $714.07 from my checking account at another bank to my credit card account at BofA.

This morning I arranged for that $714.07 to be returned to my checking account.

Later today, I checked for the status of that transfer. And saw that the transfer was in process.

A few minutes ago, I checked the status again and found no such transfer in process.

Tomorrow morning, I must phone BofA and get them to expedite that transfer!!

Then I am canceling that credit card! Bank of America, in my opinion, cannot be trusted.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,125 feet



  1. I'd see about getting someone to recover the data from the bad drive before I tossed it & started all over...

    1. Hi Rob,

      This morning, that drive was sent UPS to a data recovery service.



  2. In order to keep the 120 line from dragging a chafing are getting bumped
    If You decide to go that way under the trailer I would suggest 1/2 pvc.
    Use ing a 90° PVC fitting, The length of tubing that you need, and then another 90° PVC fitting
    Drill your Inlet and outlet pre-cut your PVC but don't glue them .
    After you run the line through ( separately )all three pieces and you have
    Then glue it.
    They make PVC Half clamps for the underside
    But I'm sure you've probably already thought of that theory
    Knowing how you like to be meticulous and neat ..
    Not too long was it. ✏️😎

    1. Hi Ed,

      Sounds like a good idea. Thank you!

      Not too long! 😎



    2. Automotive split polyethylene wire protector is cheap and what is used for undercarriage wire protection.

    3. Sondra!!

      Thank you sooooo much!

      I just bought [This]!



  3. George, I'm probably wrong, but it sounds like you're planning to run that AC off the new 2000 watt inverter you're installing.

    I don't think you have enough battery storage to effectively run that AC. When you posted the specs on that AC, even it is low amp draw compared to most AC's.

    Good luck. I'm interested in following this install.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Yes, you are wrong. I bought the 2000 watt inverter to power the Whirlpool refrigerator. But the Whirlpool is off the table.

      I will eventually install a Nova Kool fridge. But not for awhile.



    2. Well, being wrong had to happen sooner or later. First time for everything.

    3. Hey Bob,

      Modesty becomes you.



  4. I think you've been scammed again to get your routing and account number.

    1. Hi Rita,

      You think the Bank of America is after my money?