Friday, August 24, 2018

Scampy Come Home

6:45 am:
We received word from Lake RV that our beloved MsScampy is ready to come home. At long last too!

Later this morning, George will check out of the Days Inn Hotel and head over to Lake RV, which is located only one long block away.

7:04 am:
Scampy's New Air Conditioner
The shop that is supplying and installing our new A/C is
Spartan Arc and Panel in Sandpoint Idaho [Link].

Yesterday afternoon, we left a phone message with Spartan to find out when they will be receiving the A/C.

Installation of the new A/C will likely be done during next week. That is OK with the Scampy Team. We like it here in Idaho!

11:45 am:
Spartan Pulled Out
Matt, the owner of Spartan received a huge order. All of his crew are involved with that order. So, he had to pull out of Scampy's air conditioner installation.

George was going to ask Lake RV to do the A/C job. However, because we have been spending a ton of money lately, we took this opportunity to put that A/C on the back burner for now.

1:15 pm:
Tongue Jack Installed
You may recall that Scampy's tongue got bent. It got bent because of Scamp Trailer installing the jack without an essential brace.

Lake RV just installed our new tongue jack and welded the missing brace to the tongue! Orville Bayless, owner of Lake RV figured out about the missing brace.

Does it seem to you that I criticize Scamp Trailer a lot, here in my Blog? Well, I do! And Scamp Trailer, in my opinion, deserves it!

4:30 pm:
Sandpoint City Park
The Scampy Team likes to do our projects at Sandpoint City Park. Boid likes to be here too especially because he gets to hang out [In his cage] in the outdoors from Scampy's awning.

A major wiring project is complete! Beginning at Yingli the solar panel thru the Renogy the solar battery charge controller. Then across Scampy's trailer tongue to the deep cycle battery mounted in Scampy's large cabinet!

We are sooooo happy about that! 😎

9:35 pm:
New Wave 3 Heater
We just completed the installation of our new Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Heater.

As you may see in the pic below, the Wave 3 is mounted on the toilet door. After much thought, we decided on this location because of it being high enough off the floor to not get stepped on.



  1. Where will you store the A/C you ordered?

    1. Hi Barb,

      My order for the A/C was not placed.



  2. I thought that small window AC was ordered, delivered and waiting for you.

    1. Hi Bob,

      You are correct in your thinking. I did buy a Frigidaire 5K BTU window A/C.

      I abandoned the Frigidaire to the manager of the Hi-Dee-Ho RV Park asking her to find somebody who could use it.