Thursday, August 23, 2018

Scampy Comes Back Tomorrow

7:12 am:
Lake RV, where Scampy is getting a bunch of work done, has promised that everything will be finished by tomorrow [Friday].

Yesterday, George went over to Lake RV and assembled our replacement Plisse screendoor. The assembly was kind of a mystery until it was discovered that the Plisse factory had placed some of the parts inside small aluminum channels.

We guess that putting the parts inside the channels was for safekeeping. But, those parts were disguised when inside the channels and could not be identified. George dropped one of the channels and was surprised when one of the missing parts popped out!

7:45 am:
Electrical Ugliness
Yesterday we Blogged to you about the ugly plumbing on Tránsito's roof. Below is a pic of the ugly plumbing which serves as a conduit for our solar cable. And, below that is our new slick looking PVC fitting that replaced the ugly one!

Behold the Ugly One.

Streamlined PVC fitting

10:06 am:
Sandpoint City Park
We are going to the lovely Sandpoint City Park where we will complete the
re-wiring of the connection between Yingli our solar panel and our Renogy Battery Charge Controller.

Some other things:
➜ Install new connector clamps for Renogy.
➜ Remount Renogy more securely.
➜ Replace the cable from Renogy to our 12-volt AGM battery.

Baby Boid is going with us. Boid loves to be up on Tránsito's roof when we go to that park. He sings his heart out!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,125 feet



  1. Mr. G just go to Ace Hardware or a boat store and tell them you want a pass through waterproof grommet.
    Tell them the size of the hole and bring a piece of the wire
    They use them in marine application,, you could look them up online
    sample piece a cake

    1. Hi Ed,

      I have experience with the many ways to pass a cable thru a wall, roof, etc.

      I wanted to do something different. And I did! And it worked! 😎



    2. Unless you sealed the end of the PVC fitting, you might want to duplicate the old setup's downward elbow to keep water out.