Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Street Camping

7:13 am:
Tioga George has been Camping on the Street since he first brought MsTioga home on February 25th, 2003.

Some things make street camping so very attractive. But, before listing those things, it is necessary to state that Camping on the Street is not legal anywhere in the United States. Of course, in the Scampy Team's opinion, just because street camping is not lawful, does not make it wrong.

➜ You travel where you want, not where an RV park is located. 
➜ No rent to pay.
➜ No reservations to make.
➜ An RVer may camp anywhere they happen to be at the time.

Dear Reader, 
Please feel free to add to this list using a comment. Your name/handle will give you credit when it is in the list above.

8:10 am:
Helena Montana
If the Scampy Team wished to go directly to the Sandpoint/Ponderay Idaho area where we have things to do, we would head for Missoula Montana this morning.

But! We are wandering around kind of people. We want to see lovely places. We want to search for adventure.

So, we are heading toward Helena Montana.

PS: George first came to Montana after viewing the film: 
"A River Runs Through It." George had visions of being a fly fisherman, like the people in the movie and catching fish. 

All he caught with his expensive fly rod were rocks, tree branches and the back of his shirt.

11:25 am:
Montana Views
Traveling thru the west side of the State of Montana is a grand experience for the Scampy Team. Everywhere is so gorgeous!

We had just pulled thru the Town of Boulder Montana. Little iPhone had his eye out for a pic that we could Blog to you. This pic is of no place spectacular. It is just a lovely view which is found here.

Pic was taken a bit north of Boulder Montana along US-15.

12:32 pm:
Plisse Screen Experience
This afternoon, we stopped alongside the highway to order a replacement Plisse screen door from Scamp Trailer.

A week ago, we had purchased this same screen door directly from Plisse. However, that purchase was interrupted numerous times because of questions about our order from Plisse Customer Service. The Plisse price is lower than the Scamp Trailer company's, and the purchase from Plisse includes free shipping.

But lower price and free shipping do not trump a phone that is never answered by a human at Plisse [One of my pet peeves!]. Also,  a customer service department which never uses the phone to respond to my voicemail calls. Support prefers to use email to reply to my voicemail. And that email reply is never sent until a few days have passed after my voicemail message is sent!

Forget Plisse direct!

2:42 pm:
Helena State Historical Museum
Little iPhone and George are going to view the state museum in the City of Helena.

6:54 pm:
There is a YMCA gym here in the City of Helena. The "Y" belongs to the Active & Fit program and I am a member of A&F.

Only $25/month and I get to workout at any member gym.

Nice club this "Y."  I took my first real shower here in several weeks! Wow! I am sooooo clean now! 😋

9:36 pm:
Taco Supper
Yesterday George treated himself to a 2-piece Breast & Wing meal at KFC. Much too much for George to eat the whole thing.

So, this evening in the YMCA parking lot, a little of the KFC chicken was chopped up. Some white onion too. Refried beans, salsa, cheese. After the onion and chicken were fried a bit, everything went on to a street taco mini-tortilla and fried. Not bad. Only thing is, that George was not able to eat a 2nd street taco.

All that planning! All that preparation! For 1-little street taco and some KFC cole slaw. Actually, it's better that much of those ingredients that will not hold-over be tossed in the garbage rather than eaten by George when he is NOT hungry!

Mini-Street Taco supper, KFC cole slaw, Pepsi.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,966 feet



  1. You enjoy better scenery and have a better chance of getting close to nature.

    1. Hi Peter,

      You are sooooo right!

      The northwest USA, especially Washington, Idaho and Montana have such fabulous forests and rivers that often are very close to US interstates!



  2. Here's another reason: You can be close to services, such as shopping and repair places.

    1. Hi John,

      You are sooooo right!

      I can be out in the wild country, and then a couple of hours later be in a city which offers literally everything! 😎

      Just plain fabulous!



  3. Good for you George. And just’s only the beginning of August!

    1. Hi Bill,

      You know something Bill? It is really absolutely fantastic that:
      #1. I feel sooooo good!
      #2. Everything in my life is going so well!

      Like a miracle from God! 😎



  4. George, it was lovely seeing you on the video/movie you made! Enjoy your time! Blessings, Lynn

    1. Hi Lynnie,

      You likely understand that I just LOVE that you are feeling "lovely" about me!

      Boid and I are hams. We love the camera on us!



  5. George, when temperatures rise (like you said, 94F.), have you ever thought of letting Boid out of his cage and allowing him to play around in a small shallow bowl of water (you know, a bird bath)? He would probably feel as good as you did after you took your shower.

  6. Hi George, I used to read your blog a year or so ago, lost track of it but for some reason I started thinking about you again and tried looking you up.....sorry to read you were in the hospital but glad to read you are now doing well. Hope that's correct. Wishing you well from Texas! Helen

    1. Helen,

      Thank you for returning to follow my adventures! 😎

      The hospital that you are commenting about must be where I was taken after my March 15 2014 accident in Bakersfield California.

      Click [Here] to read about that day.

      I am really doing fantastic. Helen, I believe it is something of a miracle that just before my 81st birthday [November 2018], I am feeling better than I did 5-years ago!