Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Hot Shower

8:17 am:
I'm able to keep clean taking Navy Showers. However, a regular hot shower is a delightful, fantastic, fabulous thing. Especially because I have not had a regular hot shower for several weeks!

Yesterday I had a challenge locating a place for my Nite Camp. This does not happen often. However, from time to time it does happen.

So, I checked into Howard Miller Steelhead RV Park located in the Town of Rockport, Washington. A no-hookup dry campsite cost $12. Included in that price are restroom privileges. And the restroom has a pay-shower!

8:30 am:
Shampooed My Hair
I put in 8-$quarters for an eight-minute shower. Luxury!

I have not shampooed my hair for weeks! It feels sooooo good to have clean hair! 😎

9:10 am:
Tiny Home vs. RV Home 
Tiny Homes are very popular. When a person lives in a Tiny Home, every morning when looking outside, what does that person see?

They see the same thing that they saw yesterday. And the same they will see tomorrow.

Would you like to own and live in this Tiny Home?

RV Homes
The RV home is very popular too! When an RV homeowner goes outside in the morning, what does that RVer see?

Could be Yosemite National Park's, Half Dome.  Or perhaps a 350-foot tall redwood tree in Northern California's Redwood State Park.

One thing for sure! An RVer is a person who lives where their heart takes them. And that place is not around the same block, day after day after day after day.........

We believe this pic shows the kind of RVer 
that we are writing about.

12:06 pm:
Apple's Catch 22
You may recall that I was going round and round with Apple because of the bad microphone in my iPhone 7.

Today I got a reading about that problem from Apple Customer Support. Here it is:

I wanted Apple to replace the bad microphone. This is a known issue, which Apple admits to. However, because I had my iPhone 7's broken screen replaced by an unapproved shop, Apple will no longer repair my iPhone.

Catch 22!

So, I have decided to do nothing about the bad microphone in my iPhone 7. Eventually, I will replace the iPhone 7 and the bad microphone problem will go away.

1:52 pm:
Pioneer Radio is Messed Up!
Do you remember several days back, when I had the base plate of Scampy's tongue jack changed?

In order to do the welding for that base plate, the engine starting battery for Señor Tránsito had to be disconnected. After the welding job was completed, I reconnected that battery.

That was when I found out that Tránsito's Pioneer radio no longer worked right! The sound was all wrong and seems to be coming from only the tweeter speakers, not the bass speakers. And the sound has to be turned up all-the-way to able to hear music!

Radio Repair Shop
We took the Pioneer Radio to a shop in Bulington Washington to see what was going on. The repair guy took a quick look. But he told me that he could not get to a complete repair for several days.

The repair guy wanted to look in the engine compartment to see if anything was wrong in there.

When I opened the hood, I saw a loose wire that had become disconnected from a solenoid switch!

I love this kind of stuff! Because then I have a repair job to do!

Loose wire to be reconnected to solenoid switch.  

Note: The radio repair guy could not get to fixing whatever is wrong with the Pioneer Radio today. We will keep looking for another radio shop to do this job.

5:11 pm:
While in the parking lot of an O'Reilly Auto Parts store, I noticed a small amount of water flowing from underneath Scampy!!

Looking underneath Scampy, I saw water leaking out. I could not tell where that leak was coming from. But it was a pretty fast leak!

First I took apart the bench seat that has Scampy's fresh water tank. All dry inside that bench seat area. I reassembled that bench seat and went to look inside the other bench seat. Nothing wet inside that bench seat either?!

Looking underneath Scampy again, I noticed that the leak appeared to be slowing, and was almost stopped. I went inside Scampy and opened up the kitchen faucet. Then went to have a look at that leak again. The leak was flowing a lot now!

So the leak appears to have something to do with Scampy's drain!

The leak!

6:02 pm:
Found The Leak!
In the pic above, click on the image to expand your view.

Where the grey water output pipe joins the grey water tank, that joint is now loose. This loose joint allows grey water entering the tank to flow out thru that leaking joint and down to the ground.

Note: Have you noticed that when I write in my Blog that I enjoy fixing stuff, that stuff then breaks and needs fixing?

It's almost as if I have a direct line to the force that controls things that break!

PS: I am not cooking in Scampy's kitchen until the grey water tank leak is repaired.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 31 feet



  1. The tiny house and your home are both very appealing to me. So having both would be delightful! As would having a bird as beautiful as Boid in a nice cage to bring with me . I'm glad you splurged on a camp in which to enjoy a real shower! - N

    1. Hi N,

      I agree! That Tiny House looks sooooo good! In fact, it looks gorrgeous!

      I liked this comment from you a lot! 😎



  2. Well if the picture proves right he doesn't have a kitchen and it doesn't have a bathroom And he has to sleep upstairs I hope they give him a pass key to the shower an the kitchen area
    As for your shower why not invest in a solar shower you'd be surprised how hot and far 5 gallons would go ( And you get to keep the quarters )

    1. Listen here, Ed,

      How many times have I asked you to proofread your comments before publishing them?

      "...Picture proves right...."???? What does that mean?

      I am able to wash my hair in Scampy's kitchen sink. I do not want to do that. And, I don't wish to invest in a solar shower.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment.



    2. Am I speaking in dutch to you

      prove (pro͞ov)
      v. proved, proved or prov·en (pro͞o′vən), prov·ing, proves
      a. To establish the truth or validity of (something) by the presentation of argument orevidence:

      The picture that you posted of the little camp proves that there is no kitchen an there is no bathroom. (by virtue of looking in the windows)
      The ladder leading up would suggest that there is a small loft bedroom up there
      Yes it looks cute for a day meditation/reading room ?
      Solar shower. all the posts that you've written I can't remember one saying you did not like a solar shower. so I thought it would be nice to suggest that
      Now,,, know where in your blog is there a checkmark box that tells if you're in a good mood or a bad mood
      So that only leaves one alternative. feel free to delete my comments, if you don't like the pronunciation the wording or how I phrase something, or if I proofread it. you control that button
      But I guess the eight minute shower didn't improve your disposition
      But I hope you have a great day

      Sent from my iPad

    3. Hi Ed,

      I apologize if my reply somehow struck a raw nerve located deep in your possibly subconscious self! 😜



    4. Raw nerve Subconscious self. 👀 great that's funny

    5. Bob
      I'm just waiting for the day when Mr. G sends my post back graded F and corrected 🤷🏿‍♀️

    6. Hi Ed,

      You do not deserve and F-grade. However, D- grade is a very good possibility. 😜



  3. If the welder did not separate your truck from your camper
    An attached his welder to any part of your truck and trailer
    He created what's called a spike,,
    Remember he's putting 250 amps average to the chassis
    Your radio already has a ground to the chassis
    A positive charge will arc
    What he should have done was separate the two units

    Whenever you disconnect the main battery to a vehicle. your radio goes back to zero reset, a memory battery hold bypasses that .
    It's a wonder he didn't fry your ECM

    If you doubt my advice ask any real professional welder

    1. Hi Ed,

      I am wondering how the current from the welding machine reaches the radio when the battery in the Ford is disconnected?

      Also disconnected was the house battery inside Scampy.

      Please explain?



    2. U Don,tLike me rambling on so the best thing I could suggest to you is Google this,

      Vehicles electronics systems and welding...

      Some welders firmly believe, and others are not so convinced
      But keep an open mind, and who's going to pay the repair bill

    3. Hi Ed,

      Wow! I did not know the whole story about welding.

      Click [Here] to find out about what you need to know before welding something to your vehicle!



  4. Hi George. I grew up with no running water in our Hogan (similar to a yurt). The one thing our mom insisted on was clean hair. She'd pound yucca root and put it in a pan of water until it suds up and we'd wash our hair. If we were lucky sometimes we had shampoo. Summer rain or snow provided lots of water. Mom put 55 gallon barrels out to collect rain or melted snow water & we used this to wash everything. Anyway, I grew up loving to camp, especially tent camping. I still tent camp. I wash my hair the old fashion way...get a pitcher of water, pour over hair (leaning over) to get it thoroughly wet, suds it up with shampoo & rinse using the pitcher of water. I use a squirt bottle to wash the rest of my body. Spray water over upper body, suds & rinse; spray water over lower body, suds & rinse. I take as long as I want to feel clean during the lathering up phase then spray the suds off. It feels like a real shower. I use maybe a gallon of water or less.

    I don't like tiny spaces all the time & I don't like to travel all the time. I like the familiarity of 'home' waking up to sameness. I have views of mountains, lovely park across the street from my house, big back yard I can sit in and plant flowers and I love my trees in yard. I get to see hummingbirds migrating south and other birds. If I want a change of scenery, I pack up my camping gear, hop in my truck and head to Mogollon Rim about an hour away or desert camp in winter. I've never tried RVing & I'll probably like it...however I probably wouldn't be a full time RVer.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Good story about your growing up years and keeping clean the way that you did.

      About tiny spaces and traveling all the time. I believe most people are like you are. They prefer their home be in one place and bigger vs. smaller.

      I liked living as I do now [On-the-road] from the get-go! Don't really know why?



  5. Hey George - The "investment" for a solar shower is less than $12 at Camping World (or probably Walmart). Would work great for a quick outside shower to wash your hair. We used them on our boat when I was growing up. Cheap and simple! And, clean hair every time. Lynn in Kingston NY

    1. Hi LB,

      Thank you for that thought.

      Did you know that I have a real shower inside Scampy? Hot and cold running water.

      Never used it. Not even once!

      BTW, an 80+ year old guy like me is not likely to do "... a quick outside shower...."



  6. Hi George,
    You were in the area where I was raised if you went through Marblemount.