Wednesday, September 12, 2018


7:16 am:
I made my first Blog post on May 14th, 2003 [Link].  From that day on I enjoyed giving human characteristics to the things that traveled with me.

MsTioga was my first traveling friend. And she had powerful communication skills! MsTioga was destroyed when I had that big accident on March 15th, 2014 [Link]. She was towed away from the site of that accident and remained in the yard of that towing company for over two years.

However, strange and as impossible as it may seem, MsTioga reached out to me shortly before she was to be reduced to scrap. For no particular reason, I happened to use Google Earth to look at the site of my accident in the City of Bakersfield.

When thru Google Earth, I also looked down at the towing company, I saw MsTioga! There she was among other towed away RVs. The solar panels on MsTioga's roof identified her.

I phoned the towing company to find out about MsTioga. They told me that she had been scrapped out only a few days before! I believe that MsTioga wanted to say goodbye to me. And she used Google Earth to do it!

The red arrow points at MsTioga.

8:10 am:
Welding Shop
We are going to Martin's Machine Shop this morning in order to modify Scampy's trailer jack mount.

The trailer jack is secured by three hex bolts that go thru the base of the jack and are held in place by hex nuts. Those nuts are a pain to reach with a wrench. The nuts are located in the interior of the trailer hitch.

I want Martin's Machine Shop to weld to the top side of the hitch, a 1/2" thick steel plate. The holes in the base plate of the jack will be transferred to the 1/2" plate. Those holes will then be tapped for connecting bolts.

After the welding job is completed, it will be easy to secure the jack to the hitch. We will have no problem from now on with nuts being stripped out if Scampy is moved while the jack is holding up the hitch.

View of the base plate of Scampy's trailer jack.

Martin's Machine Shop
Founded 1920s

1:30 pm:
Welding Job Complete!
The shop's owner, Mark, did our work. Mark has a ton of experience.

His Grandfather founded the shop in the 1920s. Then his father inherited the shop. Mark began working there as a young teenager. By the time Mark graduated from high school, he was already an experienced journeyman.

First, he disconnected Scampy's and Señor Tránsito's batteries. Then removed two propane tanks. During the morning, Mark fabricated the jack's new base plate. He showed it to me. Looks good!

As you may already know, I love to do stuff like this. Re-designing, 
re-engineering, building and repairing things! That's my meat!

4:05 pm:
Radio Challenged!
Disconnecting Señor Tránsito's battery made the Pioneer radio not work. Looking it up using a Google search came up with:
Reset the radio by disconnecting the negative side of the car battery.

That reset did the trick!

Then we headed west on State 20. When we turned on music, something was definitely wrong! The music sound so low in volume. And the sound was kinda squeaky?

After messing with all of the controls [tools] for the Pioneer radio, I finally concluded that the somehow the volume now had to be turned up way high in order to be able to hear the music,

Maybe it will necessary to go to a radio shop down-the-road for some help?

7:30 pm:
Time To Make Nite Camp
We were thinking of staying the nite in Winthrop Washington, about 46-miles from last nite's Nite Camp in Omak Washington.

But about a couple of hours was spent messing with the Radio Challenge thing!

One thing about me that you probably already know, once I get my teeth into fixing something, it takes Heaven and Earth to get me to let go! Why am I sooooo stubborn about stuff like that?

Around these parts, today sunset arrives at 7:13 pm. By 7:25 pm, it was getting kinda darkish. Everybody on the Scampy Team began keeping their eyes out for a hint of a possible Nite Camp.

We came to a paved road that headed out into the hills east of us. MsScampy made the left turn. All of us were looking for a level place. Then, we came to a dirt road that had the perfect place for us! 😎

Lovely desert Nite Camp.

Note: When you click on my Nite Camp location link below and then zoom in, you may see a white vehicle near the Scampy Team. That vehicle is not us.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 1,259 feet



  1. George, I was re reading your accident experience with Ms Tioga, and a good friend had the same experience a few weeks ago. He was driving down the street in his truck to pick up a pizza and all of a sudden he woke up in the hospital. He had a broken arm and leg, but otherwise he was ok. They haven't been able to figure out what caused his black out yet. Amazing you can just go from ok to black out with no warning at all. The almighty was looking out for you that day for sure. Steve

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes! The Almighty has laid hands on me many times. And I am only here alive and kicking because of those hands!

      My blackout was caused by a malfunctioning aortic valve in my heart. I had problems with not getting enough oxygen from my age 50s and on.

      My heart surgery replaced that aortic valve with a pig valve. Now I have all the oxygen I need. My heart used to beat "squish-squish". Now it beats "bump-bump, bump-bump."

      I am in better shape heart-wise now than I was 20-years ago!



  2. Using grade 8 bolts if tighten down with the locknut will not strip out
    And if you're worried about them backing out . Switch to useing a nilock nut

    1. Hi Ed,

      Too late:
      ➜ I've already redesigned the hitch.
      ➜ Found a welding shop to do the job.
      ➜ The job is complete!

      Where were you before?



  3. Replies
    1. Hi Kevin,

      Yes! He's a very good mechanic.

      Mark and I have a lot in common. We both enjoy talking about stuff.

      Hey, Kevin! Guess what I bought today? A camera! Nikon B500! At the WalMart in Omak Washington.

      I went in the store just to see what cameras they stocked. And the lady pulled a B500 from the storage cabinet! I was sooooo surprised!

      It's different than your B500. No view finder. But that's OK with me.

      After messing with the B500 awhile, it came to me that this a perfect camera for me! $259.

      ➜ 40x zoom lens.
      ➜ Tilting liquid crystal display monitor.