Saturday, September 29, 2018


6:26 am:
Yesterday evening, Rowena and I went out for supper at Maria Bonita Mexican Restaurant in Beaverton Oregon. Afterward, we returned to Rowena's apartment. That was when I met Anzu, a green cheek conure!

Kawena [kahˈ-vee-nah], Rowena's 14-year old daughter gave the bird the name of Anzu which is a girl's name meaning "apricot" in Japanese.

After Anzu gave my outstretched finger a few soft bites, she warmed up to me!

Anzu is sooooo friendly.

7:05 am:
The Plan
All the members of the Scampy RV team had a meeting yesterday afternoon. Scampy called the meeting to order.

Mac Air, the giant brain on the Scampy team, made a motion to establish a prioritized plan for the critical events that are coming up including a desired completion month:

Prioritized List With Desired Completion Month:
➜ Install Scampy's new grey water tank and new dump valve assembly
plumbing [Oct 2018].
➜ Raise Scampy's ground clearance so that she may be able to travel forest roads [Oct 2018].
➜ Repair the collision damage to Señor Tránsito's front-end [Oct 2018].
➜ Sell Twayler our 2016, 29' Apex Coachman travel trailer [Nov 2018].
➜ Sell Señor Tránsito [May 2019].
➜ Purchase for Scampy, a proper tow vehicle [May 2019].

2:28 pm:
If the day ever comes ......
..... when Scampy And I Cannot Get Along!

Perhaps this RV might do?

On the road again 
In my wooden RV again
Going up a forest road
And I can't wait to get on the road again

To the tune of Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again."

3:25 pm:
Doing Stuff!
About a month ago, some growths appeared on the left side of my neck. I wondered about them. But did not pay close attention at the time.

One day as I drove along in Tránsito, I noticed the Sun shining thru the window to the left of me. I had mounted a polarized dark plastic sheet on the driver's side window because the Sun's heat bothered me. And this plastic sheet did stop the infrared radiation. I no longer was bothered by heat from the Sun.

I asked Google what kind of Sun radiation causes cancer? The answer is, Ultraviolet radiation! I gotta get myself to a dermatologist fast!!

This afternoon I mounted a heavy white colored poster paper sheet which covers the upper part of the polarized plastic sheet. This will stop my exposure to the Sun's ultraviolet radiation coming thru that window!


My thanks to Mister Ed for telling me about how to draw squiggly lines on a photo image using the Apple Photos App. 😎

4:15 pm:
Painting Water Heater Door
The replacement water heater door that was purchased from Curtis RV here in the City of Beaverton Oregon was ordered to be white in color. And it is white. But not white-white which is the color of Scampy.

I've painted the door with Rust-Oleum white enamel in a spray can. The first coat looks very good! However, a couple of hours drying showed that the
off-white color still shows thru.

One more coat of spray paint should do the trick! It's raining now. So, we will wait until tomorrow for the application of the 2nd coat.

Painted heater door drying inside Tránsito's storage area.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 189 feet



  1. Humm..... do I see a conure in George's future ?

    1. Ahhhh, Mi amigo Juan!

      Usted es muy inteligente 😎


  2. don't conures scream louder than parakeets? maybe find "green cheek conure screaming" on YouTube, turn the volume up, and try that for awhile

    1. Test,

      Have you owned a bird yourself? A Green Cheek Conure?



    2. I haven't owned a conure, but I did take care of a relative's Amazon parrot for many months while the owner was away -- a sweet bird, but LOUD, so I would check into that before getting a different type

  3. Now if I don't make any mistakes this should come out perfect
    Yesterday's post you mentioned. Siri vs Google
    Yes google is better on Maps but there's also one other thing that may be a benefit for you .
    Have you looked into an app for HUD heads up display
    There are free ones and there are paid ones. All you need to buy is the phone holder to put on the dash
    If by chance you've never heard of this .
    Under YouTube video ... look under heads up display iPhone 7
    Your pioneer radio has Bluetooth your iPhone 7 has Bluetooth. why do you not just pair them. no plug in necessary.
    And your turn by turn map directions will work with Bluetooth as well

    1. Ed,

      That's a great suggestion! I like it! 😎



    2. Ed,

      On second thought, I believe a Heads Up Display to be a distraction to driving.

      It may be a much smaller distraction compared to Car Play. But a distraction nevertheless.

      I have made a deal with myself that I do NOT touch Car Play while I am driving.



  4. I had a melanoma removed recently, George. It did look similar to your spots. Many times just simple removal takes care of the issue with no further concerns, other than follow-up exams. Please don't put it off.

    1. Dave,

      Thank you sooooo much for urging me.

      Tomorrow morning I am going to Kaiser Medical in Beaverton Oregon.



  5. George-
    Assuming you are using Apple Car Play to display the maps on your Pioneer radio if you update to the latest IOS you can use Google Maps instead of the inferior Apple Maps!

    1. Dan,

      I updated to iOS 12 yesterday. Google Maps is there on CAR Play! So is the WhatsApp app.

      Later on, when I went to remove the passcode requirement, my iPhone 7 locked up and would not permit the passcode to be entered!!

      I used WiFi at a nearby Chuck E. Cheese in order to find a
      work-around. I had to use Recovery Mode in order to regain the use of my iPhone!.

      It may be that somebody at Apple does not care much for iPhone owners who don't like their passcode nonsense!