Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Apple Store

9:31 am:
When we talk on Little iPhone, the people we talk to report that they have trouble hearing what we say. Apparently, there is an issue with some iPhone 7s having bad microphones.

We have an appointment at the Apple Store in Spokane Washington at 12:40 pm today to have that microphone issue corrected.

10:30 am:
Kevin and Ruth
After the Apple Store, we are heading to Oroville Washington to get together with our friends, Kevin and Ruth Read. They are in Oroville having their RV fixed.

It may take us few days to arrive in Oroville which is about 200 miles from our present location.

12:33 pm:
We Are In The Apple Store
Just arrived and are sitting at the Genius Bar. We have already checked in for our appointment.

Waiting for an Apple staff member to serve us.

1:03 pm:
Apple Will Not Repair Little iPhone!
I've been informed that if the components of Little iPhone are not Apple products, that Apple cannot do a repair.

Apparently, I've had repairs done by non-Apple repair companies!

Live and learn! 🙄

1:30 pm:
Uber Taxi
The Apple Computer Store in Spokane Washington is located in a difficult parking area. Impossible for the Scampy Team to park there.

So, we traveled to a neighborhood where there is easy parking and called for an Uber Taxi.

Uber is terrific for situations such as this one. Uber cost about $18 for the round trip including a tip for the drivers!

2:48 pm:
Treated Miserably By Apple Computer!
I am one of those persons who does not react quickly when insulted. It takes me time to digest the insult before I am able to put the thing into perspective.

Today's sorry experience at the Apple Store in the City of Spokane is one of those instances. I just got off the phone with Apple customer relations person by the name of Peter Villegas.

Mr. Villegas is finding out what happened and will get back with me in an hour or so to let me know the resolution for this rotten mess!

5:52 pm:
Maybe Tomorrow?
I believe that Mister Villegas called. Because he left a message. But I did not hear the phone ring?

I called Villegas back, but he was not in. So, I left a message for him to phone me.

Maybe we will find out about this Apple stuff tomorrow?

6:55 pm:
Davenport Water Park
Our Nite Campsite is alongside the City of Davenport's lovely Water Park.

The stream which flows thru the park has a fall!

Historic story of this mystical place.


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,375 feet



  1. Both my husband and I have iPhone 7plus. We notice that when talking on them the voices are garbled a bit but when we turn on the speaker the sound is just fine. Maybe you could try that for now.

    1. Hi Vera,

      I've asked persons that I have had conversations with which sounds better to them:

      On speaker phone?
      Without speaker phone?

      Most like with speaker phone.



  2. I have not been impressed with anything Apple does but I've only had experience with my kid's products & that of other friends.
    Not impressed at all....

    1. Hi Rob,

      l on the other hand, have had good experiences with Apple .....
      ............... up until today.



  3. Uber is great here in Mexico too! I use it for work, to and from airports and schools, and for personal when I am in the big city.

    1. Hi LBM,

      I used Uber in Mexico too.



  4. Something ain't right ,, you have an Apple iPhone. Built by Apple Computer of China . how could you have a foreign component if apple built it ???
    If Apple knows It has a big issue with the microphone they need to stand beside or behind their product.
    Give them hell Mister George

  5. George..several family members in Boise were recently arrested for selling millions of IPhones and other phones that had the right cover but incorrect innards. They sold these phones long enough to acquire lavish homes and property scattered around the country. It's possible you have gotten one of these phones.

    1. Hi Bev,

      I purchased this iPhone 7 directly from Apple.



  6. Since you said "Apparently, I've had repairs done by non-Apple repair companies!,". Did you indeed use non-Apple company for any repairs and if so, what were they? What did you hear back from Mr. Villegas?

    1. Hi Barb,

      Sorry again, Barb. I am not able to answer your comment.