Thursday, September 27, 2018

Beaverton Oregon

7:38 am:
The City of Beaverton is, in my opinion, a wonderful place for me to RV during the summer months from late May thru September.

It's easy to fill my fresh water tank at a local Chevron station. There is a dump station at Beaverton's Sunset Mini Storage. Beaverton has a kinda small town feel. I like that.

The lovely Fountain City Park makes an excellent Day Camp! You may recall that I got arrested at that park by an overzealous city cop. But that arrest led to my being kicked off the Jojoba RV Park's wait list. If I had not been kicked off, I would likely not be living the fabulous RV life that I am now!

Isn't it interesting to contemplate that when bad things happen to me, those bad things mostly end up being the very things that bring happiness and joy to my life!

Kids playing in the pool at Fountain City Park.

8:12 am:
Resolving Stuff
In yesterday's Blog, there were three items that I wrote about that will likely become quickly resolved:

Left turn signal light
Also, the associated indicator light in Tránsito's dash panel is not working.

A Reader with an Unknown profile name wrote:
"Many times, the reason the turn signals do not work is the bulb. The reason the one in the instrument cluster does not work is that is how Ford tells you a bulb in the front or rear turn signal is burned out. Check the bulbs and see if any are burned out."

I've removed that bulb and plan to check out today if it is actually burned out.

➜ Pioneer Radio
I may have told you about our Pioneer Radio getting all messed up when I had the welding job done for Scampy's tongue jack. 

Yesterday a visit to King Video, the store that sold me the Pioneer radio, got the sound working beautifully by making adjustments to the sound controls.

However, after I left King Video, I realized that the voice that gives verbal map directions is not working. I am returning to that store to correct this item.

➜ Water Heater Cover
A new cover is on order with Curtiss RV located in Beaverton.

We also have an appointment with the Curtiss RV service department to install a "Lift Kit" which will raise Scampy up to give her 3" more of ground clearance.

This increase in clearance should resolve future problems with the dump tube valve assemblies for Scampy's black and gray water tanks being struck.

3:59 pm:
Real Naps
Several years ago, I made a deal with myself that when I feel sleepy while driving, I will immediately pull over and stop driving. No waiting until the next turn-off. No slapping my face. No opening the windows for fresh air.

Right now! This instant! I pull over.

Once a cop warned me about stopping on a highway. "What would you have me do?", I asked the cop. "Pull over immediately when sleepy? Or fall asleep at the wheel?"

Parking and then trying to take a nap behind the steering wheel just does not cut-it for me! It only takes a minute to set-up Scampy's bed. That kind of bed-nap is real sleep. For me, the only sleep!

I just slept on Scampy's bed for 20-minutes. Ahhhhh! That feels sooooo good!

George after a nap.

7:11 pm:
Weighing Axles
A few Readers, especially that pushy Mister Ed, have commented that the Scampy Team should publish the weight of the team's axles.

A few Readers have even referred to me as being stubborn because I don't want to weigh axles. Stubborn!! Really? Me??? 😜

Can you imagine such an outlandish thing to call me? Stubborn!?

We will travel 20 miles to the nearest truck scale, which is at the TA Truck Stop in Aurora Oregon.

Tránsito's total weight = 4,640 lbs

Tránsito's front axle = 1,960 lbs
Tránsito's rear axle = 2,680 lbs

Tránsito & Scampy together [Gross Weight]  = 6,440 lbs

Scampy's axle = 1,800 lbs

11:53 pm:
Analysis of Axle Weights?
So? Why did I drive way out here to get Scampy and Tránsito's axles weighed?

Come on! What's the buzz?

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 15 feet



  1. It really is good, and interesting to contemplate such things. If you'd been rich and content in some mansion,would you have begun living as you do, would you have started blogging and inspired many to do the same, would they have then blogged, mentioned you, and had many like myself grow so fond of you... -N

    1. Hi N,

      " myself grow so fond of you..." is such a nice thing to write about me! Thank you sooooo much!

      I moved out of my apartment in Concord California in February 2003 and became an RVer because I could not afford to pay rent and also eat on my Social Security income.

      N, this is one of those things that happened to me that turned out to be such a fantastic improvement in my life-style!

      I am, a truly blessed person!



  2. It's getting to the point where my girlfriend now knows when I mention stubborn,,,, and pigheaded,,,,, even so I don't print it she knows I'm talking about A certain blogger 🛎🛎🛎
    Besides you'll love the 40 mile drive

    1. Ed,

      Not a bad drive. Only have done about 26-miles so far.

      Looks as though I will make a Nite Camp in the Town of
      Wilsonville Oregon.



  3. You Sweet silver haired little fox
    I want the front axle weight only
    the rear axle weight only
    Trailer axle weight only

    When you go into the TBA tell the desk you want A ticket that shows the three separate axle weights front center and rear
    They'll tell you how to place it on the scale but there's a red / Green light there as well some TAs even have the Printer right there on the island

    1. Ed,

      My hair is the same color as Robert Redford's hair. We both use the same hair dye!

      Well, now you have the weights. What are you to do with them?



  4. Replies
    1. Joan,

      Mister Ed enjoys playing with words.

      For example:
      "You Sweet silver haired little fox."





  5. It means that you only have 720 pounds other front axle that's why you're spinning you had your front axle your rear axle and you subtract the difference I wasn't too far off when I said 500 pounds Going to work I'll explain later but from what I could see your trailer is overloaded at your truck is overloaded and under the gray hair dye it still silver

  6. Ed has a good handle on this and will give some good options when he chimes in but to me, with both Transito and Scampy overloaded, these are the options I see. Get rid of weight you are carrying in both vehicles. I don't see that being a doable option. Modify the suspension of both vehicles to handle the weight. I don't think a weight distribution hitch will solve this. Even if possible, probably not cost effective. Replace Transito with a vehicle that can handle the weight plus a good safety margin seems to be the most reasonable option. I'm not sure what you could be carrying in Scampy that would make you over weight unless it's a design issue. Batteries are probably the heaviest items. I don't know what the weight rating is for Scampy's axle but you sure don't want to exceed that by much. Other suspension items could be beefed up.

    1. Bob,

      I knew that I needed a larger tow vehicle BEFORE I went to the weighing place.



  7. Hi George!

    A couple of points jump out at me.

    With 1800 lbs on Scampy's axle, and assuming a minimum of 10% additional weight on the hitch, this means Scampy is right at the limit of Transito's 2000 lb. tow rating.

    However, the tow rating is based on an unloaded Transito. Every pound you carry inside Transito subtracts a like amount from the maximum trailer weight it can tow.

    How much weight have you added to Transito in tools, solar panels, etc? That's how much you have overloaded him with Scampy in tow.

    Second, 720 lbs less weight on the front axle than on the rear is the cause of your steering and traction problems. It would be interesting to know Transito's axle weights without Scampy attached, this would give a more accurate indication of Scampy's hitch and total weights.

    An equalizing hitch would throw more weight to the forward axle, but will do nothing for the overloading issue.

    It looks like you need a larger vehicle to safely carry everything you carry in Transito AND have enough weight capacity to tow Scampy.

    It's either-or with the towing vs. cargo weight limits. Either you can tow a 2000 lbs Scampy or you can carry cargo in the van. Not both at once.

    1. Lou,

      I agree, I need a larger tow vehicle.



  8. Hi again, George!

    The 2018 Ford Transit Connect owners manual has more information than the 2012 manual. 2012 simply says "Do Not tow a trailer with this vehicle."

    The 2018 owner's manual gives the Maximum Tow Weight and GCWR (max combined weight) on page 161.

    The maximum tow weight is 2000 lbs, and the maximum GCWR is 5840 lbs. Transito and Scampy together weigh 6440 lbs, so you're 600 lbs too heavy.

    5840 lbs - 2000 lbs = 3840 lbs, which is the empty weight of Transito used to calculate the tow rating. As loaded Transito weighs 4640 lbs, which implies you have him carrying 800 lbs of stuff.

    1. Lou,

      Very, very often, Owner's Manuals of a manufacturing company [ie: Ford] are reviewed and edited by the company's legal department.

      This is a legal CYA [Cover Your A*ss] maneuver.

      For example, in your comment you quote the Ford Transit Owners Manual as having a maximum tow weight of 2,000 lbs.

      It may be that the Ford engineering department designed the Transit Connect to have a Maximum Tow Weight of 3,000 lbs. The legal department is there to protect Ford. When Ford legal reduces the manual's listing from 3,000 lbs to 2,000 lbs, Ford is protected.



  9. Ed,

    Before I went out to get Scampy weighed, I commented the following to you:

    "Why should I bother to do that, Ed? I have checked the weight dozens of times. Won't change a thing."

    But at your insistence, and against my own better judgement, I drove 25 miles+ and got weighed.

    And now I write to you one more time:
    "Why should I bother to do that, Ed? I have checked the weight dozens of times. Won't change a thing."



    1. Look at tne bright side. Now you know how much weight you're carrying in Transito and have a good idea of Scampy's actual weight. That's good information to have when selecting a new tow vehicle.

    2. Ed,

      But at your insistence, and against my own better judgement, I drove 25 miles+ and got weighed.

      And now I write to you one more time:
      "Why should I bother to do that, Ed? I have checked the weight dozens of times. Won't change a thing."

      Look at it this way George you had a 25 mile drive through beautiful scenery and great memories and you got to go to a fancy truckstop I am proud of you
      But I wouldn't suggest you camp there unless you like to wake up in the morning to the fresh smell of mountain urine

    3. Lou,

      You may not understand why I went to have those weights measured yesterday. I did that axle weighing to appease Mister Ed!

      I did NOT have the axles weighed to learn what those axle weights are! Because I weighed the axles immediately AFTER buying Señor Tránsito! Yes, that is correct! Immediately after! And several times since then!



    4. Hey Lou
      I love it when he gets frustrated at me because the highlights everything and darker color I know I'll be in real trouble if he uses ALL CAPS Hey George 💋

    5. Ed....., Ed.....Mister ed,

      That's what you love? Alright! That's OK with me.



  10. Mr. George is very adamant that he doesn't care what the numbers look like he already knows that he has an issue.
    So with that said I'm going to drop the subject with him
    So Mr. George please do not read beyond this point
    But in fairness to his readers they wonder why I was pushing to get the numbers, here is what the numbers represent.

    On his truck the front axle is rated at 1851
    His rear axle is rated at 1514
    That makes his curb weight at 3365
    His cargo capacity weight is not to exceed 1600 pounds any formula over that is considered overweight?
    So if his curb weight at 3365 and the cargo maximum capacity at 1600.
    Comes out to 4965.
    So now we have a scale ticket let's look at that.
    So the scale master put his front at 1960 and the rear at 2680 which gives you a total of 4640
    That leaves you with - 325
    So curb weight he,s fine he can get 325 pounds more stuff and he always need more stuff
    but there's a catch

    His front axle is rated 1851
    His scale ticket weight 1960
    His front axle is overweight by 109 pounds
    His rear axle it is rated at 1851
    His scale ticket weight was 2680
    Which makes his rear axle overweight by 829 pounds

    For those of you that don't understand the figures here' and example scenario,,
    George and Wang go to Olive Garden when they come out George weighs 150 pounds Wang weighs 100 pounds
    George decide to get on a seesaw with Wang
    Wang can't get any traction to bring George up
    So George get a 50 pound box of tools and gives it to Wang
    Now they are evenly balanced perfect
    but wang decide to have fun,
    and pushes George's 50 pound box towards the center.
    So while George is doing all the work Wang is spinning her wheels
    End of scenario,,,
    so looking back at the numbers this is what it looks like.
    the difference is 720 pounds
    So if you subtract 1960 from 720 the truck only has 1240 actual pounds of down Force on the front axle not nearly sufficient enough to do the job
    So now you know the rest of the story

    But there is one more sidebar
    Where Mr. G got the ticket from the weight master the trailer axle was 1800 pounds,
    According to the specs from scampi trailers, scampi makes 4 trailers in the 13 foot series The one that I'll focus on is the one that has the bathroom scampi's specification on that Axel is 1450.
    So if you subtract 1450.
    From the scale masters ticket 1800.
    Scampi trailer is 350 pounds overweight
    Good night George,,,,,,,l pleasant dreams

  11. Ed,

    I should delete the strangely long comment above that begins with:
    "Mr. George is very adamant...."

    And tell you to go your room and write this comment half as long.



    1. I did write it short Mr, G. you have no idea how much I deleted
      And I even started it out with.
      To Mr. George 🎃👻

      Say good night George