Thursday, September 13, 2018


8:45 am:
Very late yesterday evening, I found that I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies! Could that craving have come because just the other day I bought
Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie dough at the grocery?

So, at around 11:45 pm, I found myself removing all my bedding from Big Cabinet to retrieve the Coleman Camp Oven that is stored in there.

Cooking is one of my favorite things. And cooking in Scampy's kitchen is especially fantastic for me. Because I am able to do it way out here at my Nite Camp. Weird huh?

8:47 am:
Don't Like Cookies?
The oddest thing about this chocolate chip cookie experience is that when I began to munch on them, I did not like them?!

What's this?? George not liking cookies?

Our cookie production system!

Note: This morning I trashed all the cookies that remained. I don't get this change in the stuff that I like to eat!?

2:58 pm:
Two Scamps!
The Scampy has traveled only 35 miles today. We really love going up forest roads and looking around, and this takes time. We often are surprised to find something unusual by traveling this slow pokey way.

Just a little while ago, we drove passed Loup Loup Road and came to the top of a 4,400-foot pass. As we were dropping down from that high elevation, we arrived at a place where the road became kinda level. That's when we saw a familiar trailer ahead. From a distance, it kinda looked like a Scamp! And when got closer, we saw that it was a Scamp!!

We stopped to talk to talk. We met a man and his female companion.

They are a lot younger than George [Nearly everybody is!]. Nice people!
We asked how it went for them? Two people in a 13-foot Scamp?

"We are very comfortable. It's sexy!"

Little iPhone almost blew his flashbulb at that reply!

Our 2015 Scampy saying "Hi!" to a 2012 Scamp along Hwy 20. 

8:42 pm:
Nite Camped in The Town of Twisp
Isn't "Twisp" just the happiest name? Twispy goes so well with Scampy!

We scouted our Nite Camp earlier this afternoon. We used our new Nikon B500 camera to capture some pics of the Methow River which flows right passed where our Nite Camp will be!

Nikon The Magnificent captured this
sign-pic just as we entered Twisp.

Nikon The Magnificent captured this pic
at a distance of about 150 yards!

This scene was about 1/4 mile away when NTM grabbed it! 

Note: Nikon The Magnificent = NTM

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 1,538 feet



  1. The fact that you lost your best friend dose things to our appetite, it did me when l lost——————-.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Maybe that is how it is for me too?

      Could I have lost my appetite for chocolate chip cookies because of my missing Baby Boid sooooo much? 😞



  2. Had you eaten these Nestle` dough cookies in the past? I found that the prepared doughs are either too sweet or full of preservatives. Wish I could bake you the real thing!

    1. Hi Bev,

      Yes! I have used Nestlé Toll House cookie dough to bake chocolate chip cookies.

      And in the past, I loved them so much that there were hardly any un-eaten cookies left when I finished baking the batch.

      Could the reason that I did not like last nite's batch have anything to do with baking the cookies in a Coleman Camp Oven?

      Bev, you wrote, "Wish I could bake you the real thing!"

      I would just love to munch on your, "...real thing.."! 😍

      Cookie George


  3. George
    Were you able to post a lost ad on pawboost for Baby Boid? It is free and stays active until he is found. All you need is the town name or the zip code. The photo of Baby Boid in the tree will be very helpful.