Sunday, September 02, 2018

Free Electric Power

9:02 am:
Some Readers have suggested that an RV may be powered electrically on only 12-volts DC. We on the Scampy team believe that this 12-volt only idea is an admirable idea.

However, is it a fun idea? Especially for the Scampy team who are a bunch of project loving geeks?

On the Scampy team, we have:
➜ Yingli the 250-watt solar panel who delivers free power from the sun.
➜ Mr. Renogy our battery charge controller who keeps our battery charged automatically.
➜ Duracell our deep cycle battery who now lives in the completely re-designed Big Cabinet.
➜ Jupiter the 2000-watt inverter who came to The Team from Harbor Freight.
➜ Coleman the Camp Oven who recently baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
➜ Little CyberPower, the 120-volt AC outlet who is now conveniently mounted under Scampy's rear window.

The Scampy Team's perspective of a wonderful life is to provide ourselves with the most comfortable and exciting environment possible.

Tell us, Dear Reader, how are we doing?

1:52 pm:
Hoot Owl Breakfast
Lori, Cole, and George went over to the nearby Hoot Owl Restaurant for breakfast. Breakfasts at the Hoot Owl our fantastic! I love that place! ­čśŹ

The three of us talked and talked together and just returned to Lori and Cole's home.

Lori and Cole are now taking off for a day trip to the City of Spokane Washington.

George is heading out for a look-see to the Town of Hope Idaho which has the reputation of having scenic splendor!

3:49 pm:
Chop Steak & Seafood
The Scampy Team is now in the Town of Hope Idaho. We stopped to make adjustments to the shroud which shields our computer monitor from the Sun. This monitor is located in Señor Tránsito's dash.

After about 10-minutes, we completed those adjustments and we looked around at the area where we had stopped. There was a marina there with several buildings.

We saw a roadside A-frame sign which announced that there is a restaurant inside that marina named Chop Steak & Seafood. We decided to go eat supper at that Chop joint!

5 pm:
Met a Vet!
There was a fellow and his wife at the restaurant's bar. He was watching the college football game on the TV. I was watching the TV on the opposite wall on which the Houston Astros were playing against the Los Angeles Angels.

This fellow and I struck up a conversation. First about the football and baseball games that we were watching. He is a veterinarian who traveled a lot on bad roads in order to reach his client's ranches. Then somehow, we began talking about our tow vehicles. He towed his 5th wheel with a large GMC truck with
4-wheel drive. We talked about that GMC for a bit. Then I shared with him about our MsScampy and Se├▒or Tr├ínsito.

I mentioned about Señor Tránsito having pitiful traction because of his front-wheel drive. I also mentioned about my desire to have a winch installed on Tránsito's front end. A winch like that would allow the Scampy Team to travel on forest roads because with that hitch we would have a way to get unstuck.

But, I was concerned about attaching a winch on Tránsito's front end because there is very little in Tránsito's front end to which a winch may be secured.

This vet asked me:
"Why don't you mount a trailer ball hitch on your Ford Transit's front end? With that trailer ball hitch, you would be able to carry the winch that you want inside and only attach your winch to the trailer ball when you actually got stuck!"

Wow! What a marvelous idea!

11:07 pm:
When the going gets tough......
           ...... the tough bake cookies!
On the way to the Town of Hope Idaho, this afternoon, George and Little iPhone captured some videos and pics as we traveled along!

This evening, George "attempted" to edit those pics and videos into a nice movie in order to show you, Dear Reader, a bit about the beauty of the Road to Hope!

However, we ran into the SAME damned problem that we always run into!!! We have not been able to transfer the pics and videos from our iPhone to the Filmora software??!!

We would think that the folks who produce Filmora would bend over backward in order to show users EXACTLY AND SPECIFICALLY WITH NO DOUBT AT ALL HOW TO DO THIS TRANSFER!

But alas, the Filmora people have not documented their transfer method!

11:55 pm:
George the Tough Cookie Baker!
So, George set up Coleman, the legendary camp stove. As we have written above, When the Going Gets Tough [Well, you know what the tough do then].

Note: There is a small trick to getting the Coleman Camp Stove together with all eight of the tabs locked in to place.

There are four tabs on the top and four tabs on the bottom. When you go to lock those eight tabs into place, FIRST move the one lock on the top into the locked position. Same with the one lock on the bottom!

This is very important. Because without those two locks doing there locking job, it is extremely difficult to get those loose tabs to move into their correct position!



  1. Hi, George, this is BJ Diehl. Remember Jay & I? We live in Dillon, MT. Our cousin Ralph (Dee) Golf is here visiting us and told us you were in Montana. Come down to see us some time!!

  2. You sum it up with the final statement on this post. Being comfortable is not a luxury or for the rich, it is what everyone deserves. You're doing just fine.

    1. Hi LBM,

      You have been following my Blog for many, many years!

      I truly appreciate and value highly your staying with me for sooooo long!

      Love you! ­čśŹ



  3. You asked "How are we doing?" ... I think you are doing fantastic. Supreme. Amazing. Stellar. Wonderful.

    Living your life as you see fit, all while keeping in touch with your loved ones. Using the sun for power and showing us all how you do it along the way.

    I have learned so much from you about RVing, life, how to be kind, how your own perspective can totally change things. George, you are doing great!

    1. Wow Kent!

      Double wow with sugar on it!!

      Your comment is a fantastic compliment! As Dirty Harry would say, "Made my day!"



  4. Hi George,
    I have been following your blog since around 2005, I have travelled all over mexico, the USA and all of your side trips thru your eyes. I have enjoyed all of your travels and adventures. From my point of view you are doing fantastic! Happy high holidays George.

  5. You are doing great and baking cookies, too. Hope this batch was as good as the first one. Just keep on keeping on, George, you have so many fans.