Sunday, September 30, 2018

Kaiser Medical

8:51 am:
In yesterday's 3:25 pm Blog post, I published a pic of several recently noticed growths. Reader SuperDave commented, "I had a melanoma removed recently, George. It did look similar to your spots."

Dave encouraged me to have these growths removed quickly. I am going to Kaiser Medical this morning.

11:00 am:
My Kaiser After-Visit Report
The report states:
My doctor identified this lesion as a Basal Cell Carcinoma. "Today we shaved off a left neck lesion and sent it off for pathology."

From a Google search I learned:
"Generally, basal cell carcinomas are the leastdangerous of skin cancers. They rarely metastasize (spread) or become life-threatening."

Kaiser Pathology will call me in a week to report the result(s) of the lab test.

1:52 pm:
Lunch & Water Heater Door
Right now I am eating lunch. A Tina's Loaded Quesorito. It's a burrito with fajita, rice and beans. This is a burrito which I turned into chimichanga by frying it. Tastes good!

After lunch I'm giving the replacement water heater door a 2nd coat of Rust-Oleum white enamel.

3:17 pm:
Bubbled Paint!
After spraying on the 2nd coat, I closely inspected the paint. It was perfect! I congratulated myself for a paint job well done.

Little iPhone setup himself up on TriPod to take a pic of our job site setup. Right after Little iPhone captured that pic, I looked down at the paint job. I saw a curving stripe going down the width of the door that was all bubbled up!

Quickly I used mineral spirits to remove most of that bubbled paint. I am going to wait 2 to 3 days, and then sand the painted door to prepare for a re-paint.

Googling the symptoms of this bubbling, it seems that the 1st coat did not dry sufficiently.  Only about 20-hours.

George was happy until he looked down 
and saw the bubbled paint on the door!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 189 feet



  1. It's nice to know it was the least dangerous kind, thanks for the additional info. Since reading the note you first left I've hoped you'd come back with good news. -N

    1. N,

      It better not be cancer! I'm right in the prime of life. 😎



  2. Bubbles from the dampness of the rain in the atmosphere? I painted the exterior of the house..while it damp with recent rain..thought being under the covered porch would be fine. Paint went on fine but later I noticed bubbles! Ugh! Sand scrape and repaint on a dry day!

    1. Dawg,

      When I Googled the reason for bubbled paint, what came back was:
      "The 1st coat did not dry sufficiently."



  3. Very glad for the good report so far about your neck, George.

    I was also very glad to read your Prioritized List Saturday for accomplishing some major changes in your life. I congratulate you on your measured approach. Your time table gives you a space of time to adjust if needed or desired. Good job!


    1. Davy,

      Thank you sooooo much for your:
      "Very glad for the good report..." 😎

      Thank you also for your Prioritized List compliment. Isn't planning to do something almost as good as actually doing it?



    2. YES! And often better! I love a list.

  4. Hi George,
    Earl here from Canada, I've been thinking of your tow vehicle. I have the perfect tow vehicle but it has one drawback. Fuel economy. I see you like the cargo area of the Transit. You won't get the security that you have with a pick-up truck and a cap. In my opinion I would consider a cargo AWD Astro van or Safari van. You would have AWD, lots of power, easy to maintain and fix. Downside is fuel economy. Lots of parts available and you should be able where you travel to find one in excellent shape. I have owned several and they are impossible to kill. My other choice would be trailblazer or Honda pilot fold the seats down make a divider behind the front seats and make your shelves etc fit the cargo area. Just a thought....