Friday, September 28, 2018

New Grey Water Tank

8:30 am:
Yesterday, the leak from Scampy's grey water tank returned. This means that a new grey water tank must be ordered. I've ordered that tank from Scamp
Trailer [Link].

The tank is being shipped to Curtis Trailers located in Beaverton Oregon. Curtis Trailers is also going to raise Scampy up to have a ground clearance of 3" more than now.

9:38 am:
Pioneer Radio
Something is not working right with Señor Tránsito's dash Pioneer radio. 

About a year ago we purchased this radio from Stereo King. It has a video screen that uses an Apple Computer product called "Car Play." When my iPhone 7 is USB connected to the Pioneer radio, all of the functions of my iPhone are reproduced on the radio.

This includes music and directions. However, the Siri voice for directions is not working. We have made an appointment with Stereo King to correct this voice malfunction.

The tech at Stereo King advised that what probably will correct this Sir/Voice problem is to have the Pioneer radio updated to the latest software release.

10:32 am:
Siri vs Google
I purchased the Pioneer radio with Car Play for the sole purpose to give me Siri driving directions. However, Siri gives terrible driving directions! Sometimes Siri is not able to find a place where I wish to go! Other times Siri's directions do not direct me to the shortest route.

I have Google Maps on my iPhone 7 and have taken up using Google Maps for all of my direction needs. Google always finds the places that I wish to go. Also, Google knows the shortest and the alternative routes.

There is a magnetic holder fixed to Tránsito's dash just to the left of the Pioneer radio. My iPhone is secured to the dash by this magnetic holder. The screen of my iPhone 7 is not as large as the video screen for the Pioneer. But the size is not that important to me.

I still use the Apple Map on the Pioneer radio. But only to see where I am driving as I travel.

11:04 am:
Scampy's New Water Heater Door
We picked up the door that we ordered from Curtis Trailers yesterday. The color of this door does not match Scampy's color. 

We will be painting the door with a matching white color before installing that door.

When we first Blogged to you about losing the door, we suggested that somebody stole that door. Later we found that one of the holding clips was missing. The door likely fell off because that holding clip came loose.

2:37 pm:
Back In Beaverton
Before heading out from Wilsonville Oregon and bound for Beaverton, the town of yesterday's Nite Camp, George decided to install Señor Tránsito's replacement left-rear lamp/turn light.

George figured this change-out would only take a few minutes. Wrong! It took over 3-hours! And when we finally headed out to Beaverton, the replacement light fixture was still not working correctly!

That's how things go sometimes. George says that two or more things may be contributing to the replacement light fixture not working properly. When that is the case, it is very hard to deduce how to go about fixing something!

Anyway, we have made an Afternoon Camp in Beaverton in a parking lot next to Rowena's apartment house. Rowena is coming home at 5pm. We have a date for supper tonite! 😎

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 189 feet



  1. Go to any AutoZone or Discount auto and asked the kid behind the counter if you replace your lightbulb for you

    1. Ed,

      Please translate?



    2. How does one translate this ???
      if you walk into AutoZone or a discount auto parts store and you tell the person behind the counter you don't know how to replace a lightbulb can they help you
      The answer should be,, no I can't,,, yes I'll help you,,, or I'll sell you one ??

    3. Replace if You, with will he,

    4. Ed,

      This is too good to be true! Ed is asking for help in translating his strangely constructed comment concerning my failed attempt to changeout Tránsito's tail light assembly.

      Ed Language:
      "Go to any AutoZone or Discount auto and asked the kid behind the counter if you replace your lightbulb for you."

      George language:
      My dear helpless friend George:

      It took you three entire hours to change-out Señor Tránsito's tail light assembly? Wow! You are sooooo slow!

      Perhaps if you had even a smidgen of comprehension, you would have asked the girl behind the counter at an AutoZone store to help you. And you would have been outa there in 10-minutes!

      The best thing, the job would been done correctly, and not messed up by a clod like you!



    5. You're about right,, But i would've changed Clod to knucklehead
      It sounds more, more redneck like .

    6. Ed,

      My Dad used to love to use the word knucklehead to describe persons that he felt were stupid.

      Is that how you feel about me, Ed? Hmmmm? 😜

      You do know that I am a fan of yours, don't you? You have helped with sooooo many things. The first of which was informing me about the four threaded inserts in located in Señor Tránsito's roof.

      How would I have secured the Yingli solar panel without that info from you?



  2. Good news...Google Maps and Waze work on Apple CarPlay when you update your phone to iOS 12. I love it. If you don't see them, the map apps may be on the second screen of CarPlay...scroll over.

    1. Wow, Jeff,

      I got iOS 12! CarPlay now has Google Maps icon. It also has my What's Up App!

      Works perfectly!



    2. Yay! Great to hear!

    3. Another tip if you didn't can rearrange your CarPlay apps by going to your iPhone, choose settings > general > CarPlay, and then choose whatever shows up under the heading My Car.

    4. Jeff!!

      How did you teach yourself how to move the Car Play icons?

      Blows my mind!