Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

6:10 am:
Yesterday evening, I downloaded a book from Google Play. The book is titled:
"Pax" by Sara Pennypacker.

I first saw this book when I went to a library in a small town. I don't remember the name of that town or where it is located. But I am still able to see that library in my mind's eye.

Something about that book, sitting as it did on the top of a short library bookcase, caught my eye. I jotted an entry in my tiny notebook. And this evening I went searching for "Pax."

Click [Here] to read about "Pax".

7:05 am:
Pioneer Radio
Yesterday I Blogged to you about my Pioneer Radio being messed up as a result of the welding job that was done on Scampy's hitch jack.

Mister Ed commented that this problem occurred because of not taking proper precautions in preparation for doing that welding. And I now believe that Mr. Ed is correct.

It turned out that the welding may have affected mostly the electronic settings of the radio. By poking around in those settings, I've been able to adjust the Pioneer radio so that it is now working well enough to hear the music coming from Little iPhone

I intend to take my Pioneer Radio to the shop that installed it when I reach Beaverton Oregon later this week. I'd like the radio to be checked out.

7:10 am:
Grey Water Leak
I've been thinking about the leak coming from the grey water tank. Initially, I was going to have an RV service company attend to repairing this leak

However, I believe that I may be able to do this repair myself! How could I give up this job?! It's a fun job, don't you think?

8:06 am:
A couple of days ago I made a flight reservation to go from Tijuana Mexico to Guatemala City Guatemala. You may recall that I did this trip twice before.

However, for those prior trips, my health was not good because I had yet to learn how medication was affecting my health. In fact, it was during my last trip to Guatemala while I was walking around the Town of Panajachel, that my right hand and right foot first began to twitch!

This coming trip will begin on Sunday, January 13th, 2019. My return flight happens on Thursday, February 14th.

BTW, cost of this round trip is $478US.

10:12 am:
Photos on iPhone
I've just completed transferring all of the pictures on my iPhone 7 to a
stand-alone hard drive which is called:
"My Passport for Mac."

All of my pics are in one folder labeled:

This is sooooo cool! Because it was really hard for me to look at pics when they are on the iPhone. But now that they are all in one folder, I am able to look at each pic by simply tapping on the down arrow.

Not only is the pic itself shown, but also what day and time the pic was taken!

Buying New Hard Drive
I must go out this morning and buy another "My Passport for Mac" so that these pics have the maximum protection from being lost!



  1. Mr. G you flying first class 🚀
    Interjet ✈️ Tijuana Guatemala City RT 235$ USD Your same dates

    1. Hi Ed,

      I'm flying AeroMexico. Economy/Coach.



  2. From what I read about "Pax" in reviews online it can be a bit of a tearjerker,although it's beautifully written with a "fitting ending". I'm not sure I would put myself through something with the potential to make me feel sad if I had recently had a loss. I might wait until I had another sweet little friend with me and read it then. I'm not suggesting you do that, just saying be prepared to be quite touched and moved by the book. I'll be interested to know your take on it, whenever you have read it. - N

    1. Hi N,

      I believe that I am a tough guy when it comes to handling a loss. Whether that loss is my Son David. Or my bird Boid.

      I remember my Mom taking me to see the movie, "Bambi" when I was only 4-years of age in 1942. Now that movie "Bambi" was a real tear jerker!



  3. Beautiful country Guatemala. I've enjoyed your blog posts about your adventures there. Can't wait.

    1. Hi LBM,

      I would like to share something with you.

      You may remember that I first experienced the trauma from blood thinners [Coumadin] during my last trip to Guatemala.

      I never believed that I would someday return to Guatemala again! In fact, after my heart stopped beating in March, 2016 while driving MsTioga, I thought that my lifetime was coming to an end.

      But now that I've stopped taking prescription medication, especially Coumadin [In June, 2016], I feel like a new person!!

      In fact, I feel better now than I did 10-years ago. Enjoying what I do now more than at any other time in my life.



  4. George, get an extra external drive and make a copy of everything. Then, give that drive to your son or another relative to keep for you. That way, if something happens to your vehicle or RV, you will not lose all your files.