Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The Willey's - Revisited

7:36 am:
I first met Steve and Elizabeth Willey in 2004. I camped at their home again in 2005.

Steve and Elizabeth are the most unassuming couple! And yet they have accomplished so much!

I am Blogging about them again this morning in order to give you a better perspective of their what they have accomplished!

George, Elizabeth, and Steve 

Elizabeth, Steve, and Bear the Dog

8:42 am:
Video About Steve and Elizabeth

9:21 am:
Meeting Kevin and Ruth
In our September 3rd Blog we received a comment from Kevin Read of
Kevin and Ruth blog fame! [Link]

Kevin and Ruth want to meet with me in Oroville Washington where they are going in order to repair Sherman, their RV.

The Scampy Team is on the road heading to the Town of Oroville to meet with Kevin and Ruth!

This is sooooo exciting!

11:22 am:
US #2 - Spokane to Wenatchee
Yesterday the Scampy Team drove from the City of Spokane to the Town of Davenport Washington. We made our Nite Camp in Davenport's lovely 
Water Park and read the history of the park from the big signpost.

This morning after heading out of Davenport, we drove west along US #2. We viewed the vast desert lands that had been turned into an agricultural powerhouse for growing wheat by the toil of farmers and bringing to the land the water from the Columbia River and its tributaries.

Several miles west of Davenport there is a
change from lush wheat growing farmland.....

........ to the desert.

5:14 pm:
Town of Omak
We have arrived in the Town of Omak Washington where we shall Nite Camp. The Okanogan River flows thru Omak and is the dominant geologic feature of this place

Are you curious why today's Blog has a great deal of space devoted to geology?
The image below may shed light on that question!

Several weeks ago we met an amateur geologist who turned George onto the Roadside Geology series of books. George being the geek type that he is, went out and purchased from Amazon a Roadside Geology book for every state that we may possibly visit!

Spillways of the Grand Coulee Dam and their reflected image in this pic.

Note: Little iPhone was able to capture the reflected image of the spillways only because of the still water. We were sooooo lucky with the timing of this pic!

Before becoming an amateur geologist,
George hardly noticed a rock fall like this one! 

Note: The Chrome and Safari browsers handle images differently. Our Blog uses the Chrome browser to gauge how big an image enlarges when Readers click on one of our pics. That is why if you use the Safari browser and click on one of our images, very likely the image will not enlarge.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 979 feet



  1. So happy my two favorite RVing teams are going to be together. The three of you are awesome people and such good role models.

    1. Hi Kent,

      I am sooooo happy as well!

      Tomorrow I'll be with Kevin and Ruth again! Fantastic!!



  2. You are just up the road (97) from me..Let me know if you head towards Chelan and need a free campsite...