Monday, September 10, 2018

Tree The Cage

5:52 am:
Reader Sue Commented: "Hang Boid's Cage In A Tree."

Yesterday afternoon, Reader Sue's comment got us to suspend Boid's cage from the limb of a small tree.

That's what we wish to do this morning. But first, we used our ladder to get Boid's cage off the ground. It seems that Boid was not interested in flying to his cage during the four days after he escaped when the cage was on the ground.

So, we are going to put Boid's cage in a tree. But first, we got the cage off the ground using a ladder.

Cage off the ground using our ladder.

6:36 am:
Hanging From A Tree Limb
Using the ladder to reach a low tree limb, George first attached a small bungee cord to the limb. 

Then, went up the ladder again with Boid's cage. Carrying the cage up the ladder was a bit precarious. But, now it's done!

When Boid enters his cage today, we will know about it!

9:04 am:
New Zealand
Last Saturday I met a lady in the park. I invited her to Nite Camp at the Whistler Trail Head where I've been Nite Camping for the past few days. Kevin and Ruth have been Nite Camping at Whistler too.

When the Scampy Team arrived at Whistler, the lady from the park was inside Sherman. I went into Sherman too. The lady introduced herself to me. Arlene is her name and she is living in New Zealand.

When I hear a person speaking about a foreign land, I want to go there. However, although I used to fly long distances when I was younger, I do not believe that I could tolerate a long flight now. I better just read about New Zealand!

Kevin, Arlene, and George inside Sherman.
[A Ruth Read photo]

10:50 am:
Where Is Boid This Morning?
Since Boid flew away, we have found him when Kevin and Ruth walked the park listening for Boid's song. So far today, Kevin and Ruth are not in the park. They may be with Sherman their RV at the mechanic's shop.

Although my hearing is terrible, I am going to walk the park listening for Boid's song. Who knows?

11:31 am:
Boid, Boid...Boid
Oh, Baby Boid.....are you aware that your time to be found is running out? Are you aware that with each passing hour, each passing minute, that your chances to be saved get less? And less? And less?

As I walked the park listening for the sound of Boid, I wondered in which tree Boid was perched?

So, since there was no way for me to know, I simply picked a tree at random and searched, branch by branch, limb by limb, twig by twig. In the end, I came to know that Boid was in another tree!

Así es la Vida!

Then, being that today is a spectacular day, Little iPhone captured some pics for you to see.

Not a hint of a breeze.

Both iPhone and George like a pic framed by trees.

12:05 pm:
Kevin and Ruth search for Boid
Across the park, I saw Sherman drive-up. Sherman is Kevin and Ruth's RV. They stopped and parked in the day-use lot. We all walked toward each other.

Kevin and Ruth went to do a search for Boid. But just then, a breeze came up! Soon there were white caps on the lake. How would it be possible to hear Boid's song with the sound of that breeze in the background?

Golly Baby Boid! The fates are moving against you!

Kevin and Ruth inside their beloved RV, Sherman.

2:58 pm:
Baby Boid Book!
Did you know that there is a Baby Boid Book?

7:05 pm:
Five Days!
Boid escaped last Thursday.

Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday.

Five days Boid has been on his own. Free as a Boid!
➜ What has Boid been doing during these five days?
➜ Has he learned how to cope with being on his own?
➜ Does Boid know how to find food? Water?
➜ Is Boid cold at nite?
➜ Does he miss living in the comfort of Scampy?

Tomorrow, when Boid comes home, what a story he will have to share with his Team Members!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 937 feet



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Doug,

      I too hope Boid returns to me.

      It's in his own best interests to return. However, it may not be in the cards for Boid to return.

      Vaya Con Dios Baby Boid.



  2. You have such admirable dedication to Boid, having continually tried one method and experiment after another to entice him to return. I keep visualizing his being in that cage again as I pray. I still have hope, you're doing your best, anything beyond that is in God's hands now.- N

    1. Hi N,

      Boid has been a fabulous traveling companion for me.

      One year, 10-months, 21-days we lived together.

      Every morning I removed Boid's "Black Blankie of Love" from his cage. But first I put on some rock-'n-roll on iPhone. It only took Boid only a few seconds after hearing that music to begin chirping.

      Boid is such a happy guy. He made me happy just being around him,



  3. Okay...but it's so high when Boid returns have you got the cage door rigged to close? What's the rush to leave? We traveled across the US..and vowed if one of the kids got out we would stay until found. If there were no sightings of Boid...okay. But knowing he's still hanging out I for the life of me couldn't drive away. Tough tough decision for you indeed. Come on Boid.....time to quit playing "free as a bird".

    1. I feel your pain, Retired Dawg!

      I understand how you feel when you comment:
      " But knowing he's still hanging out I for the life of me couldn't drive away."

      OK, let's discuss me staying on here at the park. How long should I stay?
      ➜ Another week?
      ➜ Two more weeks?
      ➜ Another month?
      ➜ Two months?

      Baby Boid is a tiny creature whose life may be heading for perilous times. This too must pass.



    2. That is your decision but you mentioned it earlier what happens if he returns after I leave. It's the unknown that you have to be comfortable with. Should of, would of, could of at a later date may come into play. Just don't want you to regret it. Make a decision and then live with the decision you make. Like I mentioned tough decisions ahead. I am so sorry your baby Boid is being elusive.

    3. OK, Retired Dawg,

      Each of us must travel their own road.

      Others viewing my road may believe that I am taking a wrong turn if I leave the park before Boid returns to me.



    4. I am with the "others" you are referring to.

    5. Reetired Dawg..I understand George to say that others will be on the lookout for Boid when he leaves. The decision may rest in the future when Boid is captured and George is xxx miles distant.

    6. Hi Bev,

      When I receive word that my Baby Boid has been captured, and that Boid is waiting for me to pick him up....

      ...... I will come for him no matter how far away that I am from Osoyoos Park!!!



  4. I am praying for Boid's soon and safe return George. I feel your sadness.

    1. Thank you...Betty,

      Boid has been receiving tons of prayers from all over creation!

      Boid needs something perhaps a bit stronger than prayer! A good dose of LUCK may be just the ticket!

      Good luck Baby Boid!



  5. I think he's still there in the park. If I were you, I would stay. What could be more important? I remember staying in a park once with several feral cats around. The park ranger told me that a few of them had 'escaped' from campers who searched briefly, then continued on with their planned travels, leaving their pets there to endure lives of hardship and suffering. I'll always remember that. Kevin and Ruth must be very special people! I'm glad they came back to try to help again.

  6. We have fond memories of Boid when we met you in New Meadows. While we were chatting, I had suddenly realized that he was "chatting" with us and I had to smile. Great Memory!

    1. Hi Bev,

      That was one of Boid's things. When visitors came inside Scampy and talked with each other, Boid believed that they were actually talking to him!

      As a result, Boid would answer those visitors. In his own bird-like way.

      Boid is a truly amazing character. So friendly. He loved everybody!



  7. I don't think he will return to his cage in the night as birds, especially cage birds, roost at night...he may come in just before dusk, when he would normally go to roost...he will be more active in the morning, toss some seed on the ground under and around the cage, this may help entice him down and don't forget water...he may come down for a drink. Good Luck.

    1. Hi Sondra,

      I am not leaving Boid's cage in the park when I leave tonite.

      Sondra, Boid was not interested in flying to his cage when he was perched up in a tree right over the cage.

      Every time that Kevin and Ruth found Boid, we placed his cage in clear view of where Boid was perched.

      Tossing seeds on the ground as you comment/suggested, would mean that Boid has figured out about flying down to the ground. I never saw Boid on the ground. Only in a tree.

      If Boid had learned to fly to the ground, in my opinion, he would not need his bird seed. The wild birds around here all walk around the lawn to find and eat seeds. Boid would eat those same seeds.

      This park has a huge lake. If Boid were thirsty, he could drink from the lake.

      All of this stuff that I am commenting here assumes that Boid could learn how to:
      ➜ Hunt for seeds that the local birds eat.
      ➜ Not be afraid of flying down to the edge of the lake for water.

      I also end this comment now with the same ending you wrote, Sondra.

      Good Luck Baby Bird!



  8. I think we need to solve George's problem?
    Everybody is telling George that he would cheer up if he gets another bird.
    Well,, I for one think George needs another bird, unfortunately it isn't a bungee.
    George here's what I think you need to do,,
    I really think you need to go down to the farm Feed store and look over their section of baby chicks🐣
    See you could pick up or a baby chick 🐥for about $.50
    Instead of a birdcage you could put them in a box 🎁unless you want to keep hin in a birdcage 🗑
    You see Kevin /Ruth said you have bad eyesight and bad hearing so you see a chick will solve both problems, the chicken will be bigger and they don'tgo up in a tree to hide, it'll wake you up at 6 o'clock every morning that if you get a rooster (secluded night camp is preferred)
    As long as you give it cornmeal it'll always be your friend🤙
    An always come to you,, although it may be lacking in any affection department.
    after a certain time you could depend on organic free range eggs, oh an specially with the price of eggs today?
    He may get a little upset if you take him to KFC or churches fried🐥
    So you see problem solved
    And I think that the unique person that you are, you deserves to have a unique 🐥Bird we could call him chickbird

    1. Actually, no "everybody" isn't telling George to get another bird. With all due respect to George because I like him very much and know we would be friends, I think four escaped birds due to mistakes on George's part is at least three too many. I just do. Life isn't all about our own pleasure and desires, and we have to look realistically at our own ability to properly care for a dependent creature. There. I said it.

    2. Hi Sue,

      I began having parakeets when I was 13-years old. I have no clue how many birds escaped in the 68-years since then. Must be a lot more than four.

      Pleasure and desires? Are you making me out as being a hedonist?

      What mistakes are you referring to?
      ➜ Not clipping Boid's wings?
      ➜ Putting a hold-open clip on Boid's cage door?
      ➜ Failing to close Boid's cage door before taking Boid outside?

      I quote you: "There. I said it."

      But what have you said? You commented your opinion. Everybody has an opinion on everything. Why is your opinion correct and other opinions incorrect?

      You do not know why I did not clip my parakeet's wings all those years. But I will tell you why now:
      I did not wish to deprive my birds of the ability to fly. I could see the joy my birds had when they flew. I felt that my birds were meant to fly. It is in their nature to zoom up in the air. And joyously wing around.

      However, if Baby Boid does not return home tomorrow, I will get another parakeet friend. And this Boid will be hand-raised and tame when he comes to me.

      His wings will be clipped. Because I have come to understand, at long-last, that it is a kind thing that I do for Boid to take away from him the ability for full-flight, in exchange for providing for him thru wing clipping, the safety that he deserves.



    3. One of the things about George's blog that has always amazed me is that, because he is so open about his life - including mistakes - that some individuals then think they know him and can write things of a critical, or chastising though they had some superior way of doing things. I never see them talking about flaws in their nature or behavior, only correcting George. I would be very surprised if their lives were lived flawlessly, so I think 'Life isn't all about our own pleasure and desires...' amounts to a pretty hefty - and uncalled for - insult in my book...

    4. George, I'm not talking about wing clipping at all because it is not something I would ever do. It's a controversial practice. Birds can still hop around and fly short distances, but not far or high enough to protect themselves from danger if they escape into the outdoors. It also is not a one time procedure and must be done regularly. You're going to do what you want to do, and I'll bow out of the discussion.

    5. Sue
      Back-off it s my joke
      Stop getting philosophical

    6. Hi Ed,

      I took that comment as being an example of your highly developed sense of humor.


      PS: ChickBird liked your comment!


  9. George, I owe you an apology. You and Pete were right, and I was wrong. I've been involved in animal rescue groups and have seen so many sad things that I'm afraid it has colored my outlook. But YOU are a great pet parent and Baby Boid was lucky to have you, and of course you didn't ask my opinion in the first place. I'm sorry. Peace.

    1. Sue: You have revealed yourself to be one in a million...

    2. Hi Sue,

      Pete is so right about you being " in a million..."

      I heartily endorse Pete's comment!