Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bruised And Battered

12:53 pm:
When I fell yesterday, the wounds to my face hurt badly at the time that I fell. In less than an hour, those face hurts went away.

But later on, a hurt arrived in my right rib cage.  My ribs hurt especially bad when I try to roll over in bed. But the rib cage hurt is there every second of the day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Construction Begins!

2:36 am:
This morning our Yingli 250 solar panel will be installed on to Box Van's roof.

I will not be going on the roof. Too hazardous for me at my age. As I blogged to you yesterday, I plan to hire a fellow who is looking for day-work.

I have observed a group of these guys when I visited the Home Depot in the City of Lemon Grove. They speak Spanish to each other. So, I imagine they are from Mexico or some other country in Central America.

Note: I am not working at this early hour. I will be going back to bed in a few minutes. I only went online to send this Blog post to you. ­čśÄ

Monday, October 29, 2018

Scampy At The For Sale Place

12:32 pm:
Scampy has moved from being in front of John and Mimi's home to the For Sale Place on Lake Murray Boulevard in San Diego.

The For Sale Place is where many vehicle owners in the area show the [Car, truck, RV] that they wish to sell.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Good Visit

11:20 am:
I had a very good visit yesterday with Evie and Johana at their birthday party at King's Fish House in Laguna Hills.

Later in the afternoon, I had another good visit. This time with my Cousin Jacky. Jacky and I are almost the same age. Also, all of our lives we have been good friends with each other. You may remember the Jacky and I visited Israel together in 2008. That Israel visit was spectacular!

Today Got Away From Me!

9:26 pm:
I am wondering if 9:26 pm is my latest Blog post of all time? Things kept happening! And, I did not get to Blogging until now!

This morning before 6 am, I was at the 24 Hour Fitness in the City of La Mesa to dye my hair! Blonde, of all things! Robert Redford dyes his hair blonde, and he is a little older in age than I am. Why not me?

Friday, October 26, 2018

I Fell Out Of Bed!

7:55 am:
[I am Blogging to you from Denny's]
This morning as I was getting out of bed [Granny's Attic], I missed a step on the step ladder and my face collided with the edge of the card table!!

The resulting wound bled in big drops! I used my first-aid kit to stop the bleeding and clean myself up and the bleeding stopped quickly.

This fall happened at 4:30 am. It's kinda cold at that time. I felt sooooo cold! So, I drove myself to 24-Hour Fitness and soaked in their hot tub.

It's painful for me to smile for this pic.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sleeping in Grandma's Attic

6:25 am:
Yesterday I drove out to the area of the Marine Naval Air Station at Miramar. Mattress Firm has a huge warehouse there. My new mattress was at Will Call for me to pick up.

Last nite I slept so well on that mattress, up there in Grandma's attic. For lighting during the nite, I use a couple of Harbor Freight's Nebo lights. A pee bucket is up there with me too so that a trip to the porta-potty is not necessary for that!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Talk About Town

5:31 am:
There has been some talk around our little Blogger village, that I clicked on a link sent to me in an email. This talk/gossip has taken on a life of its own.

A few Readers have taken to sending me comments about me needing to change passwords. Also, that my computer system has been compromised.

And on, and on. Ad infinitum.

Never happened. I am much too savvy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Living Quarters

7:01 am:
When I went to mark-out my living quarters inside Box Van, I used Scampy's inside dimensions which are 78" wide x 117" long. However, the mark-out showed that the actual dimensions of my living quarters are likely going to be, 153" right-to-left and 80" front-to-back.

In other words, my living quarter's dimensions are going to larger than Scampy's dimensions and rotated 90°.

Reader Truthsayer commented:
"153" right-to-left and 80" front-to-back." Just can your living space be 153" right-to-left when the truck box can only be 102" max OD?

Thank you Truthsayer for showing my error. Here are the corrected dimensions:
93" right to left
98" front to back

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Weasel

7:05 am:
Yesterday, Weasel tried to steal Scampy. The ploy always uses the same catalyst.


Weasel sent a text message asking the asking price for Scampy.  I replied asking Weasel to make me an offer [In a negotiation, I rarely make the first offer].

But Weasel was persistent, and asked, "What's your bottom line?" I told Weasel that he did not know all of Scampy's features. And advised Weasel that without knowing those features, he could not evaluate a price.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Propane Tank

7:52 am:
I would like a propane tank to be mounted to the bottom of Box Van's floor. There is an open area there just perfect for that purpose.

I am thinking about the Manchester #6829 tank [Link].

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Res Ipsa Loquitor

10:38 am:


Box Van The Great Stealth Guy!

9:45 pm:
Taking advantage of being completely and utterly invisible as a guy camping in his RV, I have made a Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood near the Fashion Valley Shopping mall in downtown San Diego.

I never would have dared Nite Camp in a place like this before, because of the likelihood that a neighbor would report me to police. However, Box Van is no ordinary RV.

Box Van is an RV that looks very much like a U-Haul rental truck because that is what he is!

Box Van is sooooo good looking! 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Cab Side Opening

6:43 am:
A longer saws-all blade is needed in order to cut-out the cab side pass-thru opening. The Box Van side of the opening will be used as a guide.

A rubber weather-seal will be used that joins the lips of the cab and Box Van openings. There is some disagreement between myself and the manufacturer, C.R. Laurence. I believe that the correct seal to use in this pass-thru application is [This] one. The people at C.R. Laurence believe that [This] seal is the correct one to use. So, I have ordered both seals and will see which one does the job.

These weather seals will not arrive for several weeks and I want to be using the pass-thru before then. So, I am installing the pass-thru now and plan to disassemble it and install the correct weather seal when it arrives.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cutting Pass-Thru

11:33 am:
In the pic below, I've marked the location that was transferred from laying out the pass-thru on the back wall of the cab. The pass-thru will be 24" wide x 45" high.

The layout of the pass-thru.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Propane Bottles

7:26 am:
Box Van has a skirt that runs from the front the of her box to her dual wheels. In back of the skirt the space is empty for a few feet all the way to the Ford left chassis rail.

This might be a good place to install a propane bottle rack!

Box skirt.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pass-Thru Day #2

8:19 am:
Yesterday, I had intended to begin the construction of the Pass Thru. I never got to the beginning of that construction. All sorts of other things with higher priority had to be done first.

The first thing to do this morning is to remove Box Van's jump seat.

Box Van's center jump seat.

Monday, October 15, 2018


7:56 am:
Our next project is the fabrication of a Pass-Thru. This will be a kinda tunnel from Box Van's driving area to his living/workshop area.

The first thing to do is to remove Box Van's jump-seat. Fortunately, the jump seat is fastened by [4] easily accessible hex bolts!

View of base of jump seat.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Double Minded

7:54 am:
When I write about avoiding being Double Minded in the context of my new Box Van, I am referring to thinking positively about the outcome of this project. Not wavering.

I put the possibility of making mistakes, out of my mind. Of course I Blog about what I am about to do so that you, Dear Reader, may comment. For example, I am about to begin creating a passageway from the driving area to the living quarters/workshop area.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Keeping 10-Foot Box Van

8:00 am:
In yesterday's 10:15 pm Blog post, we wrote that Reader Lisa was arriving to help unload the U-Haul 10-foot box van that we drove here from Beaverton Oregon.

However, during the nite George figured out that it would be best to leave our stuff inside the 10-foot. When we find the 17-foot that we want to buy, Lisa has volunteered to help us unload then.

Thank you, Lisa!

Friday, October 12, 2018

San Diego

8:20 am:
Today's trip will take me to San Diego. When I arrive, the first thing to do will be to go to Kaiser Medical and find out what's going on with my left wrist. I have an appointment with Urgent Care at 3:35 pm.

Today's trip passes thru the dreaded traffic of Los Angeles! Usually when I pass thru LA, I try to do it around 2 am!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Renting U-Haul

8:34 am:
When I return the 10-foot box van that I am driving now, I was intending to rent a 15 footer in order to find out how that size feels. However, because of my hurt wrist, I am unable to move my stuff out of the 10 footer. So, I have made arrangements to keep the 10 footer as a tow vehicle for Scampy.

9:01 am:
My Wrist
The highest priority thing to do on reaching San Diego, is to go to Kaiser Medical and get my left wrist look at. I was thinking that I may have broken a bone in my wrist because I have been diagnosed as having osteoporosis.

However, since that osteoporosis diagnosis about four year ago, I have not broken any of my bones.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Box Van Compromise

7:32 am:
Let's compare the following rigs
#1: 2-vehicle Scampy/Ford Transit
The best mileage. No traveling workshop. Scampy as my living quarters.

#2: 2-vehicle Scampy/U-Haul Box Van
Worst mileage. A traveling workshop. Scampy as my living quarters.

#3: 1-vehicle U-Haul Box Van
Worst mileage. A traveling workshop. My living quarters inside the box van.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

My Own Box Van

7:54 am:
Buying my Box Van is the first thing that I want to address after arriving in San Diego.

From U-Haul's ads, renting from them at first-look appear cheap. Only $19.95/day. However, when the bill-paying time arrives, it's not cheap.  There's insurance, taxes, and don't forget mileage! So, the sooner that I own Box Van, the better.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Box Van-1 to Box Van-2

6:42 am:
This morning, we leave Beaverton Oregon and head south bound for San Diego California. In order get ready for that trip, we will rent a one-way U-Haul Box Van. We have named this truck, Box Van-2.

Everything that is now stored inside Box Van-1 [Our current tow vehicle] must be transferred to Box Van-2. We are doing that transfer in the Home Depot/Beaverton parking lot. Box Van-1 and Scampy are at Home Depot now.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Living Quarters

9:34 am:
Now that I have made the decision to live in a box van, I have to decide what size the box van should be.

A 10-foot box van and a 15-foot box van appear to be similar except for the 15 foot being a cab-over configuration.

10-foot box van.

15-foot box van.

Note: I am naming my box van, Box Van. So, in my blog when I write about my box van, I will be writing Box Van. Example: Box Van had a good time yesterday.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

What's Happening?

7:00 am:
Today all the stuff on Big Van's floor will be put away. There is already a place for every single thing. All that needs to be done, is to pick each item up and put it away.

Then, it will be easy to see how much space is occupied and how much space is left.

Spending Time In Box Van
I would like to educate myself how it would be to live full time in Box Van.  This weekend plus the 5-day trip from Beaverton Oregon to San Diego California [Beginning October 8th] will provide this experience

This education experience lacks having a heater to warm Box Van's interior. So, allowance must be made for that. I definitely will not sacrifice my comfort by freezing my butt off for the sake of this experience!

As an initial estimate, half of Box Van's interior will be devoted to my living quarters. The other half will be for storage and my workshop. Storage will include everything that was kept inside Se├▒or Tr├ínsito. I need to learn how much space will be left for my workshop.

Our current 10' Box Van's interior dimensions are 9'11" x 6'4" (L x W)
Scampy's interior dimensions are 10' x 6' 6" (L x W)

It is immediately apparent from these dimensions, that a Box Van that will be comfortable must be much larger than our current 10' model!

Friday, October 05, 2018

Box Van's Mess

10:09 am: 
This Blog post is coming at you from the Biscuits Cafe in Beaverton Oregon. As soon as I entered Biscuits it was clear to me that this is a special restaurant joint.

My waffle was a golden color and crisp. Just the way that I like it.

The bacon is a very good quality. And I should know bacon quality because back in the 1970s and 1980s, I owned three restaurant joints. I bought the best quality bacon!

The coffee came in a large thick walled cup for keeping coffee nice and hot!

My breakfast at Biscuits.

New RV Plan

My goal is to publish my Blog post early each morning. And here it is 8:56 pm!

8:56 pm:
Just yesterday, I went to U-Haul to extend my rental for the GMC pickup that is being used as a tow vehicle for Scampy.

I was sitting at the counter talking to U-Haul's the customer support person. Lying on the desk in front of me was a U-Haul advertisement with pictures of all the pieces of equipment that U-Haul rents.

I spotted a picture of a U-Haul 10' box van:
George: "Do you allow the 10' box van to tow?"
U-Haul: "Yes!"

In my 11:01 am Blog post on October 3rd I wrote:
We have gone to U-Haul to return the GMC Pickup that we have been using as our tow vehicle. We will rent a U-Haul GMC 10' Box Van which will do the job of a tow vehicle and also be a storage container for everything that was carried by Señor Tránsito.

Now here is the kicker!
Over at RBP Collision, I was in the middle of transferring all of the stuff from Tránsito to the U-Haul box van. As I was tossing the stuff on to the box van's floor, Erin, the RBP employee who was helping me asked:
Erin: "Where do you want me to put this shelf cabinet?"
George: "Over there in the back."
Erin: OK! Clear a path and I'll get a guy to help me carry in the shelf cabinet."

I cleared the path that Erin asked for thru what had become a big pile of the stuff from Tránsito. When Erin and the helper had set the shelf cabinet down, I realized that the cabinet would have to be somehow secured in an upright position.

So I went about securing the first cabinet to the wood tie-down's that ran around the van's aluminum wall.   After I had secured the second cabinet, I began thinking about how best to sort out all of this stuff.

Right then! I had a brain-stroke! 

It came to me that I could store all of this stuff the same way and in the same place where it had been stored in Tránsito!! There was more space inside the box van than the space of Scampy and Tránsito combined!

I asked myself:
"What if I sold Scampy? And sold Tránsito? And bought a 10' box van?"

What if I converted the box van to an RV?

Wow! Double wow with sugar on it?

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 108 feet


Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Rear Wheel Drive

8:26 pm:
Yesterday I got the Ford Connect that has a front wheel drive mixed up with the
Ford Transit-150 which has a rear wheel drive.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

7:37 pm:
A phone came in yesterday from Kaiser Pathology informing me that lab results identified Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the tested tissue.

From Google:
Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin is usually not life-threatening, though it can be aggressive in some cases. Untreated, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin can grow large or spread to other parts of your body, causing serious complications.

I have an appointment at Kaiser Medical this morning to attend to this skin cancer.

Monday, October 01, 2018


9:29 am:
A while back I bought a Jupiter 2000 watt inverter from Harbor Freight [HF]. At that time, I had grand/optimistic plans for powering a Nova Kool fridge and maybe even a Frigidaire air conditioner off the Jupiter [On the back-burner for now].

What I wound up doing with the Jupiter is charging my Mac-Air computer and iPhone 7 cell phone. I realize that a 2000 watt inverter is a bit of an over-kill for the Mac and iPhone. So far, I've had no problems with this HF Jupiter inverter.

But I do not completely trust HF. Not that I had any bad experience with HF myself. I based my perception about HF based on customer's reviews of this company.