Friday, October 05, 2018

Box Van's Mess

10:09 am: 
This Blog post is coming at you from the Biscuits Cafe in Beaverton Oregon. As soon as I entered Biscuits it was clear to me that this is a special restaurant joint.

My waffle was a golden color and crisp. Just the way that I like it.

The bacon is a very good quality. And I should know bacon quality because back in the 1970s and 1980s, I owned three restaurant joints. I bought the best quality bacon!

The coffee came in a large thick walled cup for keeping coffee nice and hot!

My breakfast at Biscuits.

Curtis RV
Before going out to eat breakfast at Biscuits, I took Scampy to Curtis RV in Beaverton where Scampy had an appointment to change out her grey water tank.

But Curtis RV has a habit of over-booking their service customers. As a result, service here often takes several days to complete.

I do not have several days because I am heading south to California this coming Monday. So, I asked to have our new grey water tank to be put into Big Van.

The grey water tank is not leaking that badly. We'll have the grey tank replaced in San Diego during the winter.

11:02 am:
Box Van's Mess
Yesterday I Blogged to you a pic showing Box Van's storage area. What a mess!

Today at Home Depot, lumber will be purchased that will be used to secure the two storage cabinets that were removed from Seรฑor Trรกnsito.

Then Box Van's mess will be sorted out and made to be ship-shape!

7:13 pm:
Rainy Weather
Today was a rainy day session. All day long. I did not do any sorting out of Box Van's mess.

But, I did buy at Home Depot 4-lengths of lumber to be used for securing the shelf-cabinets to Box Van's walls!

Also, a padlock to prevent ne'er-do-wells from sneaking into Box Van!

Scampy is Evening Camped in a Fred Meyer grocery parking lot. For supper is a Marie Callender's Slow Roast Beef. I really like some of Marie Callender's frozen meals. I heat them up using a covered skillet. Works well!

Of course, our favorite program, PBS NewsHour will be playing on YouTube. Not that I am partial to the PBS political bent. But I like how they steer pretty much clear of the rampant polarized politics that are running roughshod over news programs during the past several years.

11:23 pm:
Clearing Weather!
Tomorrow's weather forecast looks like clouds with occasional Sun! This may mean that we will attack Box Van's mess! It may mean getting the whole mess sorted out!

That would be sooooo cool! I love to put things in their place. I may have been a janitor in a passed life!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 108 feet



  1. Somehow or other I knew I'd find you in a restaurant
    I'm not going to be part of the pity party
    Boy am I going to be unpopular
    Looks like I'm going to be the only one dancing at your rv party
    It,s Nice the people are looking out for you.
    But Mr. G heres the thing. yes. it is a hell of an undertaking it is doable though
    If you do it right and right I mean by picking the right vehicle to suit those needs
    Here is your wish list.
    At least a 14 foot box not 10 if you want I'll tell you why 14 is better than 10,,
    Very few trucks have side doors more likely you can rule that out
    The U-Haul that you have now probably is a three seater rule that out as well the van that you want needs to have a pass-through to the cargo area A must and a plus
    Your solar panel that you have buy another one to go on the top so that you'll have 400+ w with three batteries that'll make you self-sufficient.
    Let's try and live minimalist

    If you're wondering why am saying minimalistic here is how you could do it.
    once you purchase your van if that's the vehicle you want and choose you can buy a Futon 50$ on craigslist now you have a bed and a couch
    TV tables work great
    Most RV dealers have a portable potty 125$ when you get to a park you could dump it in there crapper
    If you want shelves and storage. You could find most cabinet makers sell seconds or overstock
    It's just a matter of picking your size.
    hint bathroom cabinetry depth is shallower than kitchen cabinetry by at least 4 inches but still give you the same height.
    So you see we covered ? things to get you on the road with the least amount of hassle so you see it is doable how do I know we've done it to three different units, you learn by other people's mistakes before you make your own
    Your choices could be very easy but I don't think I would pick U-Haul I would more be inclined to Penske Ryder and budget. Their maintenance is better in the long run .
    I would NOT be inclined to buy a vehicle in California (California is it import state not export state remember that ) because of the cost Arizona Las Vegas yes Fly in and drive back you would have to do the math to see which is better
    Anything you don't understand let me know and I'll explain

    1. Ed,

      Thank you soooo much for your helpful comment! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      It appears to be hard to locate a box van that includes a pass-thru door and a side door too. However, both of these doors may be installed in a box van!

      Not too hard to do that install either.

      The more that I go over re-doing a box van in my mind, the easier this project becomes for me.

      I am really excited to begin it! ๐Ÿ˜›



    2. Been more concerned about finding a pass-through
      There are certain companies that specialize in commercial van and box repair,, the side door is not a problem to them
      But I'm not sure what the cost would be

    3. Ed,

      I would like to do a pass-thru door myself.



    4. Before you attempt to do a pass-through my suggestion is to find a vehicle that has one already.
      and see how it's set up their specific very specific
      Because it means cutting The box wall and the truck while separated there's a skirt that goes between the two of them
      The template is put on and cut when the box is NOT on the vehicle.
      If you find one to look at. photograph it memorize it

  2. Hi George, Why don't you find a good used small class C
    like Tioga but smaller. It would do everything you want and be self contained. John El Chaco

    1. John,

      You continue to winter in Aticama Mexico. Intrepid!

      Yes! If I found a motorhome that was also a toy-hauler, that could do the trick!



  3. Mr Ed........that was one of your best efforts! LMAO!

    1. BIll in Chico. LAMO ??

      I really want to come back with a sarcastic answer so I think the best Avenue would be to ask you to explain yourself
      And I'll be glad to explain my point of you

    2. All I can say INYFRV ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™‰

  4. I do love that breakfast! I am concerned this RV event is
    becoming too complicated. What is the best thing for you
    at this point in your life? We want the best for you George!

    1. Joan,

      Yes! The people at Biscuits Cafe really know how to prepare meals exceptionally well !

      Here is what I believe concerning doing stuff at my age [81 in November].

      I keep plunging ahead without concern about my age. I am healthier and in much better physical and mental shape than I was 5-years ago!

      What if I stopped all of this RVing solely because of an age number? What then?

      The conversion of a Box Van into a magnificent RV home and Toy Hauler is what I shall do! I am eminently qualified to do this conversion.

      And you, Joan, get to tag along for the ride!



  5. I actually wasn't thinking about age rather about all the choices you
    have and then...choosing your favorite and best one!

  6. Hi George.... you seem to have gotten a great reaction to your box van ruse... congratulations. I recall the many dents and bruises Ms Tioga endured. I think your box van should be named Ms Crunch!
    If a tail gate on a small truck is too heavy that would rule out trucks.
    I expect some panel vans can be altered to make it a 4 x 4. That would give you the storage space you need. There are companies that sell all varieties of interior storage racks. The interior can have a sliding lockable door just behind the front seats. You can have both rear doors and sliding side doors. The entire roof can be outfitted for solar. You might even indulge satellite tv with a cable to Scampy. You might even consider a recliner chair that turns 360 degrees as your passenger chair. The limits are only your budget and imagination. If you can accept some boondocking limits then 4 x 4 can be skipped.

    1. Ernie,

      Although I enjoy, from time-to-time, Blogging about something that is really a joke, this Box Van thing is not a ruse. I am sorry if your knowing your this is disappointing.

      Thank you, Ernie, for commenting all of these ideas for me!



  7. Regardless of your age you have to take into consideration your limitations
    Case in point if you have to put up a door you can't do it yourself you need help you get help simple as that if you decide to put solar panels on the roof you're not going to do it yourself. you get help even so you know enough about solar installation you did make some mistakes we all do
    You ask for help that's admitting you have a limitation
    And The last thing you want to do is set a goal timewise
    My case in point A month and a half ago I bought a bass boat the issues that I want corrected I expected to take about a month in reality I'm only halfway
    there The frustration is I want it now. For me The reality is stop looking at my timeline ? eventually it will be done.
    There are times when your job is going to be frustrating you're going to be pissed you're going to make theThe wrong decision you're going to make the right decision and getting up the next morning patting yourself on the back is the reward and a smile to yourself you made that one step forward
    Don't worry about the age you're on a different road
    Regardless of the age if you go out with a smile on your face you know you accomplish something
    None of your readers are taking THAT under consideration

    1. Ed,

      Great comment! Great advice for me!

      You know and understand me very well! ๐Ÿ˜Ž



  8. You mentioned the other day that you would like to make your blogs available in the morning I believe somewhere in your blogging system there's a way to set your clock to be posted at a certain time
    Say at midnight but yet you're able to during the daytime review the replies and answer them at your discretion is that what you're trying to do or set up
    I have a couple of people that do that with their blogs.. if you like I'll ask them.

    1. Ed,

      My failure some days to publish my Blog early in the day is not a scheduling thing.

      There are some days where I get so many things thrown at me that it is not possible to simply sit down and Blog early in the day.

      I consider those days to be part of my life-long learning experience. My goal is for me to take it slow and easy. Not succumb to rushing to complete something.

      I do, every once in awhile, prepare my Blog post for the following day during the nite before. Coincidentally, today's Blog post was written around 2am but not published until the 7am hour.

      About my replying to comments. I do that when I get a chance during the day. Often replying to a comment that grabs me before replying to all of the other comments later on.