Sunday, October 28, 2018

Good Visit

11:20 am:
I had a very good visit yesterday with Evie and Johana at their birthday party at King's Fish House in Laguna Hills.

Later in the afternoon, I had another good visit. This time with my Cousin Jacky. Jacky and I are almost the same age. Also, all of our lives we have been good friends with each other. You may remember the Jacky and I visited Israel together in 2008. That Israel visit was spectacular!

Now I am heading back to San Diego. Tomorrow, Scampy goes to the shop to have three things checked out.

1. Something is not right with Scampy's axle.
2. The clearance and brake lights are not working.
3. Replace the leaking grey water tank.
4. Replace the hitch jack which got messed up during the unhitching.

After these three things are fixed, I will feel very comfortable putting Scampy up for sale!

1:25 pm:
The Box Van team has pulled off of I-5. MsTioga hated I-5. So do we!

We are now traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway near Palisades Gazebo Park. We have forgotten how far south we may drive along this coast road. I guess that we will find out!

4:24 pm:
We are back in the City of La Mesa and have filled Box Van's gas tank.

With this gas fill, we now have a reading on what kind of mileage Box Van gets with his mighty E450 Ford engine.

8.28 miles per gallon! MsTioga got about 6.8 miles per gallon.

At a price for gasoline of $3.60/gallon, it costs $.435/mile for gasoline to drive Box Van.

Cheap at 1/2 the price!

6:27 pm:
What would you think about my putting Box Van's fresh water tank in Granny's Attic?

It might be possible to operate my fresh water system without the use of an electric pump using only gravity.



  1. There are pro and cons(isn't there always) to placing your you fresh water tank in the attic.

    up off of the floor space
    gravity feed
    challenging to fill
    higher center of gravity
    added weight to a weaker area

    1. Thank you, Squire. For your pros and cons.



  2. By putting extra weight in Granny's attic, two things come to mind. First of all is the overhead built to handle that much weight, and secondly to me it seems that it would drastically affect the vehicle's center of gravity. As always like to hear that you are enjoying your projects.

    1. Tom,

      It is a 26-gallon tank. When the tank is full with water, it will weigh about 225lbs.

      Box Van is a 14,000 lb gross weight truck.



  3. Hi George . I don't see any problem with the water tank being placed in the attic as far as weight distribution. the truck can handle that part. filling it might be a pain,with having to drag a hose inside and up to attic everytime.

    Annapolis Md U.S.A

    1. Ray,

      Thank you so much for your comment and advice! 😎

      I feel very fortunate to have you "looking over my shoulder" and reviewing what I am doing!



    2. Maybe keep a short hose attached to the water tank,that hose reaches to a convenient place -where it could be connected to the hose from the outside water source...just
      wondering if that would work(?). -N

    3. Ray mentioned filling the tank up there might be a pain. This has me wondering if you're going to include an inlet for the water tank where you can pump in the water with a hose outside, like RVs are usually made.

      I can see how your box van project is fun for you, George... coming up with creative ideas and solutions. I like how you "think outside the box."


  4. Your attic/gravity water supply sounds like a good/simple water system as long as the attic structure will handle the load. A simple PVC fill tube (think periscope) with a quick disconnect on the lower end would make filling easy.

  5. If it leaks at some point won't that be a mess below?