Monday, October 01, 2018


9:29 am:
A while back I bought a Jupiter 2000 watt inverter from Harbor Freight [HF]. At that time, I had grand/optimistic plans for powering a Nova Kool fridge and maybe even a Frigidaire air conditioner off the Jupiter [On the back-burner for now].

What I wound up doing with the Jupiter is charging my Mac-Air computer and iPhone 7 cell phone. I realize that a 2000 watt inverter is a bit of an over-kill for the Mac and iPhone. So far, I've had no problems with this HF Jupiter inverter.

But I do not completely trust HF. Not that I had any bad experience with HF myself. I based my perception about HF based on customer's reviews of this company.

10:02 am:
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
So, I decided to buy a backup inverter, just in case the Jupiter failed. The inverter that I chose is a Xantrex PROwatt SW600 - True Sine Wave Inverter [Link].

I've had good experiences with Xantrex inverters. MsTioga's solar electric system used a Xantrex Inverter/Charger which worked great.

Xantrex Pure Sine Wave Inverter

2:20 pm:
Double Wow With Sugar On It!!
This is a momentous day! I phoned RBP Auto Collision Center, a Progressive Insurance approved repair shop. All I wanted to find out was how long it would be to begin repairs on Señor Tránsito.

But a strange thing happened when I phoned RBP. The person who answered my phone call sounded like a guy from Mexico. He had a strong accent. I got the impression from talking with this guy that RBP was a very small shop.

I asked the guy: 
"How much time it would take to begin repairing my collision damage?"

The guy told me: 
"Bring it over! We'll get right on it!"

That reply blew me away! So,  I went over there. When I arrived, I found a huge collision repair shop. Going into the office, I explained what I was there for and asked again: 
"How much time it would take to begin repairing my collision damage?"

Alisa, the gal at the front desk told me:
"We will begin today!" 

I asked:
"You actually are able to begin today?"

Alisa told me:

She went on: 
"We have a Progressive Insurance estimator right now in the office back there [She pointed to that office]. 

"Just leave your vehicle here and we will get right on it."

3:30 pm:
What About Scampy?
My brain was now racing! I wondered how this could work? I phoned U-Haul and asked if they had a van with a hitch. They did not have a van with a hitch. But they did have a pickup truck with a hitch. I told the U-Haul guy that I was on my way there!

I told Alisa:
"I'm going to rent a tow vehicle from U-Haul. I'll be back here with my Ford truck in an hour."

11:35 pm:
24 Hour Fitness
Out in the mountain states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho where the Scampy has been RVing since last May, there no 24 Hour Fitness gyms to be found.

Here in the City of Beaverton Oregon, there are 3-gyms. The gym that I exercised in this evening has excellent equipment. The showers have very good spray heads and the shower valve works like it should [Not all 24 Hour gym's have showers as good as this one!].

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 197 feet



  1. Xantrex makes very good products. I have used a pure sinewave for years.

  2. George

    Remember that every 100 watts or so is about 10 amps draw from the battery (assuming about 80 something percent efficiency), so a 2000 watt load at 110 AC would pull close 200 amps at 12 VDC. I doubt you have enough battery capacity to sustain that for very long, so an air conditioner is out of the question. There's probably no other single load that big, so smaller unit(s) should suffice. Also, big inverters consume a fair amount of power even when unloaded.
    I think it's best to stick to the 600 watt types. For the price of a good 2000 watt unit,you can probably buy 4 or more 600 watt units and have better scalability and reliability.


  3. We purchased our Xantrex 1,800 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter back in 2007 to use for our CPAP Machines (Keeps us breathing at night) This is the Third RV we have moved it to. It was used to power Three CPAP Machines for a short period and it has never let us down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. One good thing you're in a very unique position now by having a different type of truck to pull your trailer, now you could do a pro and con and what if you decided on a full-size pick up

    1. Ed,

      You are "Right-On!"

      Driving this GMC pickup truck has opened my eyes to spending my time driving various trucks to determine how they compare.