Monday, October 22, 2018

The Weasel

7:05 am:
Yesterday, Weasel tried to steal Scampy. The ploy always uses the same catalyst.


Weasel sent a text message asking the asking price for Scampy.  I replied asking Weasel to make me an offer [In a negotiation, I rarely make the first offer].

But Weasel was persistent, and asked, "What's your bottom line?" I told Weasel that he did not know all of Scampy's features. And advised Weasel that without knowing those features, he could not evaluate a price.

I told Weasel, "I will text you a list of features". And I did! A few minutes after sending that text, Weasel phoned me. Weasel said, "OK, I got the list. What's your bottom line?"

I replied to Weasel, I do not make the first offer. But I will make an exception for you. I have an asking price of $15,000. And a bottom line of $12,000.

Weasel replied, "I won't go over $17,000!" And there it was. Out on the table. The greed ploy. But I did not recognize the $17,000 offer as a ploy. 

Later on, I told John and Mimi, "I think that this guy is an unsophisticated buyer and is so anxious to make a deal, that he did not listen/hear my $12,000 offer".

Weasel told me, "I am 100-miles north of you. I'll be at your place in a couple of hours. I have a cashier's check in hand for $17,000.

I replied, "I will not accept a cashier's check. We will go to the bank together and do our business there".

That queered the deal for Weasel. I only got one message from him after that. In response to my text asking when he would arrive to look at Scampy, he replied to my text, "Wrong number". Of course, it was the right number. The same number that he used in sending me text messages.

Right then! When I read the text, "Wrong number", I realized that I had been dealing with a crook! Weasel the crook!

9:55 am:
There was not much junk/trash hanging around Box Van. But there was enough so that this stuff was getting in my way.

John suggested taking this stuff to the transfer station. So, I did.

Box Van is weighed going in and going out. The difference in the weight determines the cost. But, there is a $50 minimum charge.

The stuff that I dumped weighed 60 lbs. That's $.83/lb! A bit expensive. But worth it to me to get that stuff out of here!

11:12 pm:
Dear Reader:
There may be something wrong with making a comment on my Blog using the Chrome and Safari browsers.

I have contacted Blogger and Google support for help with this matter.

11:31 pm:
Every single day I have been making progress with Box Van! The evolution from a U-Haul box truck to our own Box Van has been an incredible joy for me. And the reason for that joy is that I do not know what I am going to have to do to achieve that evolution!

That may sound a bit weird to you. But I enjoy that kind of challenge. That kind of mystery intrigues me!

Take today, for example. Many months ago I began keeping stuff organized inside the dear departed Señor Tránsito by using 64-quart clear plastic storage containers that I purchased at Home Depot.

Without these 64-quart containers, managing all of that stuff would be a terrible nightmare!!

Anyway, I transferred all of that stuff from Señor Tránsito to Box Van on Tránsito's last day with the Scampy Team. There are about 10 of those containers. When I want to find something, searching for it is very manageable because all that is necessary is open up those containers until what I am looking for is found! 😎

However, it's becoming clear that the days of those 64-quart containers are coming to an end! Box Van demands that the stuff inside him will be stored in a permanent fashion.

Today at Home Depot, the Closet Maid storage system caught my eye [Link]. It did not take me much time looking at Home Depot's display of Closet Maid's stuff to conclude that it would be pretty much impossible for me to figure out what I needed by shopping Closet Maid at the store.

So, I went back to Box Van, got on my Mac and went over to the Closet Maid website. What a nightmare! Maybe it's me, but I quickly realized that buying what I needed to organize and store Box Van's stuff was going to be a frustrating experience at best!

I decided that I am going to build cabinets, storage drawers, etc., and anything else required myself. After all, I spent 5-years working as a cabinetmaker apprentice [1996-2000]. I believe that I am capable of doing that work!

Also, building Box Van's cabinets myself is going to a fantastic fun job for me!


  1. George, maybe you have considered and decided against it, but have you thought about insulating box van's ceiling and walls? It would be much easier to do before you start building things. I'm a plan'er and I'd try to put the plan on paper first. Things like electrical, plumping, propane piping and insulation should be done while all your surfaces are exposed. But...., George is George.

    1. Bob,

      I am only intending to insulate my living quarters. Not my workshop.



  2. The added weight will only make Box Van ride smoother, it's V10 will not even notice it.

    1. Squire,

      Where did you read about added weight?



  3. I too had problems commenting on Safari but no problems with Chrome. I use my iPad mostly.
    Following your Blog is an interesting journey. Something new all the time. Keep it up and good luck.

    1. Vera,

      I got back my ability to reply to comments by downloading and using Firefox.

      Thank you Vera for your compliment "Following your Blog is an interesting journey. Something new all the time. Keep it up and good luck".