Saturday, November 24, 2018

Box Van Plumbing

4:26 pm:
I've just finished ordering all of the plumbing items for the Box Van project. And all from Amazon [They make it sooooo easy!].

The plumbing is the SharkBite brand. The tubing is blue for cold water and red for hot water. That's how it was with Scampy [I like that!].

I may have mentioned in a Blog post several weeks ago, that I am going to try the Box Van plumbing system without a water pump.

Just gravity feed.

SharkBite ball valve.

Note: Isn't it crazy for me to be up at 4:26 am ordering plumbing? I do my best thinking in the morning while I'm still in bed. 

Suddenly I had it all figured out! That was when I went online to Amazon and ordered all my plumbing! 😎

6:48 pm:
What are Box Van's specifications? Did you know that Box Van weighs 8,120 lbs when empty?

Click [Here] to learn more.

8:03 am:
Very often where Box Van parks it is not level. This causes me to be unstable as I move around inside.

I have purchased [3] jacks to level out Box Van. These jacks will be mounted to Box Van's frame at the front left, front right and rear right.

Although these are trailer jacks, they will work well for my intended use. I will be actuating these jacks using up/down switches which will be located inside Box Van.

Buyers Products 12-Volt Electric Jack
22-1/2" Travel - 3,500 lbs



  1. Hi George. Interesting idea with the jacks. Is there anyway to tie an indicator light into the circuit so you know if the jacks are up or down?

    1. Stephen,

      When the jacks are down, a sign MUST be placed on the steering wheel.

      Also, the ignition key must be put in a locked box.



  2. the jacks will give away your "stealth" camping mode. maybe look at air bags to move each corner independently with the existing suspension system.
    good luck,

    florida mike

    1. Hi Mike,

      In what way will jacks give away my stealth camping mode?

      Are you thinking that neighbors may see the jacks down?

      Or, are you thinking that the jacks may be visible when retracted?

      Here is the thing about stealth camping. I arrive after my neighbors have retired for the night.

      Mike, I am sticking with these electric jacks.



    2. Both. the jacks are plainly seen on A and C campers. there is a type of jack I saw a while ago that flips down but I haven't seen them in a while.
      Parking after dark does eliminate most of the problem however.

    3. Hi Mike,

      You're just going to have to trust me on this one. Because I've been a stealthy guy for more years than you can shake a stick at!

      Box Van has side skirts which hide this jack. A neighbor walking by Box Van must get down on hands-and-knees to see the jack. And that is not likely to happen.

      I ordered the [3] jacks yesterday. Arrival November 29th.