Saturday, November 17, 2018

Get Yourself To Denny's!

6:46 am:
I had begun to assemble the first of the remaining four drawers. When I went to fire a brad nail, it would not fire out of the Ryobi! The battery was not charged! My backup battery needed charging too!

There I was waiting for a battery! It was cold [52 ℉].

My inner voice said to me:
"George! Get yourself to Denny's!"

7:31 am:
Now that I am getting pretty close to completing the first workshop cabinet, my thoughts have been turning to my living quarters [LQ].

LQ is going to have a raised floor to provide space for installing R-Tech 1" thick insulation [Link]. The floor is getting vinyl floor covering.

The kitchen counter extends from the front to the rear wall [96"] and will contain a two-burner stove-top and stainless sink.

In the cabinet under the kitchen counter will be the Nova Kool R5810 12-volt electric refrigerator [Link].

The exit wall to my workshop will have an oven and microwave.

2:41 pm:
All the drawers are assembled. Now I begin installation of the roller bearing slides.

My plan for this tall drawer was to be able to store items such as 
Formula 409. This drawer was supposed to be only 12" high. 
Somehow, it's turned into a 14" high drawer!