Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Need Sunny Sky

7:24 am:
The Box Van team has been without solar power since it began. As a result, the voltage of the deep cycle battery has been very low. In the 10 to 11 volts range.

In order to commence Box Van's construction, we must have the use of the Arrow Brad Nailer. But the brad nailer needs adequate electric power in order to fire a brad.

Last nite the incoming power from the Yingli solar panel was hooked up to the Renogy Battery Charge Controller. When the Sun rose this morning, the deep cycle battery began receiving a charge!

Before sunrise, the Renogy showed the deep cycle battery having 10.9 volts. Now, after only a half hour of Sun, the battery has 11.6 volts. The sky is predicted to be cloudy until 11 am. Then, we will have a sunny sky!

7:41 am:
Last nite, Mike at Santee Welding completed the installation of the new Manchester 6829 Propane Tank [Link]. The highest priority item this morning is installing a propane line from the Manchester tank to Box Van's interior.

We are sooooo excited about commencing Box Van's construction. But the propane line must come first!

By-the-way, the first construction project will be my living quarter's raised floor!

11:47 am:
Although I Blogged that the highest priority is hooking up the propane tank, I've spent most of my time this morning figuring out why the Arrow Brad Nailer barely drives a brad!

When I have the Arrow plugged into an inverter, the Arrow barely fires. When the Arrow is plugged into shore power, it fires a 32mm brad only 3/4 of the way thru the wood.

This is not acceptable! I am going to Home Depot to test out nailers and buy one that really drives a brad!

1:55 pm:
I just bought a Ryobi Brad Nailer. Click [Here] to view.

I've had extremely good experiences with Ryobi and own a drill motor and circular hand saw. And now a brad nailer!

Very rugged equipment!

With this purchase, I am now able to begin construction!

Ryobi Brad Nailer



  1. Hi George, if you think readers were overly concerned about your solar panel mounting, just wait until you pipe in the propane.... any way, Just an FYI in my rv there is a section of ridgid black steel pipe that crosses the frame to bring gas to the stove and hot water heater. The other side is the fridge. Off the black steel pipe, there is soft copper tube with compression fittings.

    1. Hi Jack,

      I've experienced this kind of doubt before.

      During my early years as an RVer, I used an Olympian Catalytic Heater. I got lambasted for using the heater.

      Commenters predicted that I would die of suffocation.

      But here I am, some 15 years later, still alive and kicking. And still using Olympian heaters!



  2. The online reviews of the Arrow were overwhelmingly negagive.

  3. We don't have an Olympian which would be a nice addition. We use the small Mr. Heater. People have warned us many times about not using it at night. We do and we take all the precautions. We have never experienced an issue or a tripped CO2 alarm.

  4. So....does the brad nailer drive the brad all the way into the wood???

  5. There is a air controller on your brad gun. It is on low, turn it up and it will perform better. read your owners manuel! I had one of these and the reviews are not good. I went back to a Dewalt. Better machine!

  6. As a certified master technician in the commercial restaurant equipment service field, I will recommend that if you use any copper tubing for your propane install you will use flare fittings. They are very much less likely to leak than compression fittings are.

  7. Take the time to do a double flare