Friday, November 09, 2018

Engineering Change

5:15 am:
The bottom drawer of the cabinet that I am building is going to be 12" deep to accommodate dispenser bottles [ie: Formula 409].

Making a change such as this is easy to make at this point in construction. All that I have to do is to buy the wood! Assembly of the cabinet has not yet begun!

7:14 am:
The space between the Ford chassis and the box must be filled. I have come up with what I believe to be a good solution.

It is foam weather stripping [Link] which fills the gap very tightly!

The pic below is of the foam tape filling the bottom space of the pass through.

12:10 pm:
Yesterday while online ordering something, I was not able to clearly read the website. My eyes could not make out the words!

So, I made an appointment with my optometrist. The doctor told me that my eyes are healthy. I just need an alteration in my eyeglass prescription. 

5:46 pm:
I'm at the Home Depot in San Diego. The HD near the Sports Arena. I just picked up lumber to make one 13" high drawer.

Also, I bought a 2-hole pocket drill adaptor. I never used one of these before. But I am going to need it! 

7:33 pm:
I did something really stupid! 
I locked Box Van's big door from the inside. Something that I have never done before. Then, I went over to the nearby In-N-Out Burger to eat.

While I was eating, it came to me that I left Box Van without my door key!!!

So now, here I am eating my burger and fries locked out of Box Van! 

Hard to believe!

8:11 pm:
I've contacted a locksmith named:
"El Cheapo 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith & Road Services". [Link]

The guy who will unlock Box Van is coming here to In-N-Out to meet me. The price is $80 cash.

I will be somewhat surprised if the guy even shows. And will be really surprised if he only wants $80! Probably a scam.

PS: Tomorrow I am going to put a door key into a magnetic box and hide it outside in preparation for when this forgotten key thing happens to me again!  

8:48 pm:
The lock guy has been on-the-way since 8:11 pm. I just phoned up to see what's up.

I was told that he is 10-minutes away. I still feel that this is some kind of scam! 

9:51 pm:
The lock guy was legitimate! No Scam!

He worked like mad to get into Box Van. Finally, he lowered the driver's window enough so that he was able to reach inside and open the door!

Cost $80. And I gave the guy a $30 tip!



  1. You could always use that "great stuff" void filling expanding foam to get an even tighter seal but it would not look nearly as neat and uniformm

    1. Andrew,

      I just researched your suggestion. Great Stuff Big Gap Filler.

      I believe that I am going to try both Foam Weather Seal and Great Stuff Big Gap Filler together.

      This may make the installation much easier!

      Thank you,


  2. What about screwing a frame of angle iron (aluminum) on the cab and one on the box opening. One larger than the other (to accommodate the frame flex), seal each and then fill the gap between the larger and smaller one with your weather stripping. Example cab opening 24x48 and box opening 26x50, hope this makes sense. It would also help stiffen the cab opening. Just a thought.

    1. Squire,

      Thanks for this suggestion!

      However, I chose foam weather seal. And have already begun installation.



  3. George

    I did something similarly stupid when I first got my current motorhome. The locksmith tried very hard but couldn't open any of the locks. Finally, I realized one of the slider windows was unlocked, got a ladder and climbed in. Still had to pay the guy though. Now I have spare keys in a couple places.

    1. Joe,

      One of the very first things that I did after buying the U-Haul truck was to have a spare key made.

      Somehow, I mislaid that key and never hid it outside.