Friday, December 28, 2018

Bed and Paint

9:32 am:
Late last nite I constructed my bench seat that converts into a bed. It came out pretty good and I was proud of it! This morning I went to Blog to you about my new bench seat/bed.

Also last nite, I noticed some white stuff on the sole of my Teva's. What was this white stuff? I could not identify it.

One of the hinge screws on my bed was not properly set and I went to my workshop for my Ryobi drill motor.

There I found a big puddle of white paint on the floor! One of the quart paint containers had opened! Also, the plastic box where I store my paint had cracked allowing the spilled paint out!

It took me about an hour to clean that paint mess using mineral spirits and more than a full roll of paper towels!

The floor that you see here in this pic 
was covered with the spilled paint.

My new bench seat/bed.

7:09 pm:
I am at Apple Computer in La Jolla because of my Mac Air's power receptacle. Sometimes it works and sometimes does not work.

I made an appoint at the Genius Bar for repair.



  1. What happened to the suggestion that you lay cardboard on the new floor during construction?

    1. Pool,

      Did you make that comment/suggestion your own self? If yes, that was a good suggestion!

      With my paint spill disaster in mind, I should be protecting Box Van's flooring!