Thursday, December 27, 2018


7:39 am:
Yesterday afternoon I constructed a temporary bed. Next is changing this temporary bed to a convertible bench seat/bed.

A bed is a wonderful thing!

10:56 am:
I just love my Nature's Head Composting Toilet! Also, I love my Nova Kool electric refrigerator!

When I began using my Nature's Head toilet, it so impressed me that I made a Blog post predicting the demise of the dump station.

However, in the RVing world, hardly anybody is using these two revolutionary

I don't get it?



  1. Is that Red bucket your Natures head toilet... WOW how cool is that
    That's even better than my Gatorade bottle (s) but then again I have a top I can close

  2. I know that a lot of full timers use a composting toilet. But if you're not full timing, how do you maintain the composting toilet? Do you have to empty it out at the end of a trip and start over at the beginning of a new adventure? May be a silly question but I really don't know how that works.