Friday, December 21, 2018

Construction or Exercise?

5:30 am:
This morning I headed out from my Nite Camp bound for the 24-Hour Fitness on Navajo Road. When I arrived at 24-Hour and looked inside Box Van, I saw that both of the grates over my new Insignia gas range were now lying askew!

I figured that perhaps because of the Insignia not being locked down that the entire range may have bounced a bit causing the grates to move.

While I was locking down the feet of the gas range to Box Van's floor, I noticed that the steel brace which secures the counter top to Box Van's wall was hanging loose. Apparently, I had not completely installed that brace

11:03 am:
One thing led to another and now I have been working doing Box Van's construction for 5-hours! I never did get into 24-Hour.

Also, I had been wearing my nice Nike exercise outfit while working. And now my Nike outfit is dirty. And, I am hungry because I had not taken time for breakfast!

I believe that I will postpone to 24-Hour Fitness until tomorrow. Right now I will eat breakfast and then go to a coin laundry to do wash my clothes including my Nike outfit.

In the pic above, the stove and the counter including the Novo Kool fridge are moved out away from the wall so that I would be able to do framing and install insulation.



  1. 5 Hours of construction is plenty of exercise. Now you can skip the exercise and head right to the hot tub at 24hr fitness. You earned it