Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays

8:57 am:
I am sending my wish to you for a happy holiday.

May the year 2019 be your best year yet!

Wearing my flowery holiday shirt for this special day!

10:04 am:
Today when I made my morning camp and went into my workshop, I found that my 9-drawer cabinet had let go from its connection to the wall. The cabinet was now tilted over at about a 10° angle!

At the time that I installed that cabinet, my technique for securing stuff that I built to Box Van's walls was terrible! I was using steel angles which did not do well at all. 

Now I am using wood cleats. And cleats are very strong.

One of two cleats which now secure my 9-drawer cabinet.

1:46 am:
I gave myself a Christmas present. It's the frame for my right wall! I just finished the framing a few minutes ago! Got most of the insulation in the frame too.

Before framing the separating wall between my workshop and living quarters, most of my woodworking was done within the living quarter's area. From now on, all of my woodworking will be done in the workshop. I don't want to have my living space messed up by sawdust!

View of right wall frame from the workshop.

2:00 pm:
John and Mimi have invited me for a Christmas dinner! I am sooooo happy about that! 😎

I'm stopping work now so that I'll have Box Van orderly before I leave for that dinner. BTW, I have been working in Dixieline Hardware's parking area. It's nice and flat here and I like that!

BTW, it's been raining here for several hours. Sometimes the rain is VERY heavy. Box Van's roof seems to be impervious to rain.