Thursday, December 06, 2018

Marey Water Heater

10:32 am:
My Marey tankless water heater will be installed in the attic, just to the left of the fresh water tank.

The Marey will sit inside a cabinet and extend upward clear of Box Van's ceiling. A vent will go thru Box Van's roof for the Marey's fumes.

3:25 pm:
I've constructed the cabinet where the Marey water heater will be located.

The pic below shows the frame of that cabinet. The Marey heater is sitting below on my DeWalt folding/portable workbench.

From left to right:
➜ Cabinet frame that I constructed today.
➜ Freshwater tank
➜ Marey tankless water heater

6:06 pm:
Kinda wet out these parts. 😎

A flash alert came over Little iPhone warning of a flash flood!

The National Weather Service in San Diego has issued a

* Flash Flood Warning for...
Southwestern San Diego County in southwestern California...

* Until 830 PM PST

* At 526 PM PST, Doppler radar indicated thunderstorms producing
heavy rain across the warned area. One half to near one inch of
rain has already fallen over the past hour. Heavy rainfall
continues over the area with additional rainfall amounts of at
least one inch expected. This will cause flash flooding across the
warned area. This warning includes the city of San Diego.

* Some locations that will likely experience flooding include...
Chula Vista, El Cajon, National City, La Mesa, Poway, Imperial
Beach, Ramona, Coronado, Alpine and portions of the San Diego city limits, and Mission Valley.

PS: The Box Van team is in the City of El Cajon.



  1. Are you going to put inside some kind of containment in case of a leak or spill?

    1. Croft,

      Why did you ask this question?

      Have your RVs had such a containment?



  2. That particular style of heater is really good however your biggest problem is you're going to have a lot of blowing really hot air
    It produces a tremendous amount of heat so before you cut a hole think seriously about testing that On a stand you can't use a 90° vent because you burn the vent
    I have one sitting in my storage right now and two that I put on cargo trailers

    1. Ed,

      Your comment seems to suggest that a Marey water heater is the new kid on the block. Maybe some kind of experiment?

      Will George's Marey water heater fail? [Like so many Marey water heaters have failed?]

      And that experiment begs the answer to the question:
      "Will my Marey water heater overwhelm my Box Van's environment with intolerable heat?"

      Is that it, Ed? Did I phrase your concerns accurately?



    2. Stop trying to read between the lines.
      I said it is a very good heater I did not say anything about failure.
      due to the nature of how it heats the water it produces a lot of heat
      So feel free to go ahead and use it then after a week or so let us know how it works thank you ??

    3. Ed,

      OK! Understood.

      I may be installing the Marey very soon. It will go into the left overhead cabinet.

      After I get the Marey plumbed up to the fresh water line and the propane line. I'll be able to test it out.

      BTW, I have abandoned the idea of using a gravity feed for the water line. Instead I've opted for a water pump.



  3. George

    Is the water heater going to be on the same plane as the tank? Are you still planning gravity feed? If so, it seems to me the water will have to flow uphill to get to the coil on the top of the heater. Once primed, it might flow, but will you need some pressure to overcome back pressure from water expamsion?

    You might want to test it before cutting the vent hole in the roof.

    1. Yes. My water heater is going to be installed in the overhead.

      My fresh water tank is already mounted on the floor of the overhead.

      The water heater and fresh water tank will be located only a few inches away from each other.

      I am going to use a pump to move water in my water system.



  4. Hi George, K.I.S.S. water heater = a tea kettle on stove top. why are you going through all this trouble ? you stated in other posts you dont/didnt shower in scampy, why start now with box truck ? even if you do want to start showering in truck, like I said, heat water in tea kettle and use from a shower bag or pump sprayer. water heater, water pump, permanent fixed water tanks, all nonessential items and will be future problems.

    Annapolis Md U.S.A

    1. Ray,

      Because I wanna have it.

      It's a fun thing for me!

      That's why!