Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Off Grid Propane Range

8:14 am:
I've just purchased my gas range! It's a Unique Classic 20” Off-Grid Propane Range [Link].

Unique propane gas range 
with battery operated ignition.

1:30 pm:
My friends John and Mimi have been keeping my Nova Kool refrigerator over at their place until I am ready for it to be installed into my living quarters. I'm ready now!

John helped me load the Nova Kool. We used Box Van's U-Haul ramp to raise the Nova Kool up to the deck.

2:08 pm:
I drove Box Van over to Home Depot in Lemon Grove. When I find out what I will need for Nova Kool's install, being at Home Depot will be a definite advantage!

I am using my jump-start battery device to power the Nova Kool. In less than 20 minutes, the Nova Kool had come down to temperature and began cycling.

Nova Kool in my kitchen.

8:15 pm:
Nova Kool holding at 40℉!

This is the first day in many days, that I did not buy ice for my ice chest! I've been spending over $6 bucks a day for ice!

10:05 pm:
When I first started-up the Nova Kool this afternoon, I placed a little bowl of water into the freezer.

I just checked. The water in the bowl is frozen solid! Amazing!



  1. How could it be an off grid propane range if it runs on propane
    It don't need a grid,, does that mean you can't use it in her RV park
    Was there a model of any on grid propane Rangers ??? That needed the grid??? Does that mean you can only use it in an RV Park

  2. What in the world are you trying to say?

    1. Hi Pool,

      Are you addressing your comment to me? Or to Ed?



    2. Happy hour::: let me go down to the wine store bring an off grid bottle of wine
      Mr. George says he bought an { off grid }propane range
      I was trying to find out if George knew something that we don't.
      By using the coin phrase , off grid
      I was under the impression that any propane stove/range was off grid The same as a propane refrigerator or a wave 6
      Can i be the first one on the block with an off grid wood-stove

    3. "Off Grid Propane"

      like..."Free Gift" or "Foreign Imports"

  3. Your Nova Kool and gas range are wonderful!!

  4. Nice refrig and stove. Perfect for your needs.

    1. Bob,

      And don't forget my Nature's Head composting toilet.

      We are way ahead if the curve!!



  5. Wow George, you get the neatest things.

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  7. Nice little range! I can see you cooking up a storm with it...