Sunday, December 16, 2018

Pass-Thru Frame

8:32 am:
When I attempted to join the parts of my pass-frame with a Kreg Jig, I failed completely! This was the first time that I had used a Kreg Jig.

I am falling back to joining the old-fashioned way. Glue and clamp!

Using Bessey pipe clamps.

9:45 am:
After the glued-up pass-thru frame has set for a couple of hours, I believe that it will be safe to remove the Bessey clamps.

Then I'm going use those same Bessey pipe clamps to glue-up and clamp the mating pass-thru frame.

12:08 pm:
I'd like the microwave oven to be installed high on the wall to the left of the gas range.

I'm planning to strengthen the wall frame and then install a shelf for the microwave later today.

4:16 pm:
According to today's plan, after the 2-pass thru frames are glued up,  I begin on installing the microwave's shelf.

At Home Depot I bought a 1/2" plywood 24" square and will cut it down to fit the microwave. I also got a piece of wood 1/4" x 1/2" which will contain the microwave and keep it from bouncing off the shelf.

5:05 pm:
It's just about time to begin running electric circuits. Most of Box Van's equipment runs on 12 volts DC. The microwave is 120 volts AC.

However, I could make the microwave circuit be 12 volts DC as well and invert to 120 volts AC at the microwave.



  1. Hi George, may I suggest to not put the microwave too high on the wall. In my class A motorhome I had a very bad 2nd degree burn on my belly when I retrieved a bowl of hot soup from the microwave installed at the level of the upper cabinets.

  2. Hi George, To run a 1200 watt microwave you would need to run #2 wire for the 12vdc to the inverter. Best to locate the inverter very near the batteries and run #12 for the 110vac to the microwave.

  3. Great project, you have in your hands! What happened to Twayler and Scampy? Do you still own them?

  4. George
    Best to keep high power circuits to 120V AC. A 1000W microwave would pull about 100A at 12V. Similar consideration for coffee maker or most kitchen appliances. 10x less at 120V AC.