Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Apple Store in La Jolla

9:11 am:
This morning I have two things on my agenda.

#1. Apple has notified me that parts have been received for the sound repair for my Mac Air. And that I should drop the Mac off at the Apple Store in La Jolla.

#2. Go to 24-Hour Fitness and exercise. There is no doubt in my mind that I am in a depreciated physical condition! And that cannot continue.

For me to go thru the portal between the Ford and Box Van takes a little physical strength. I am able to go thru, but barely.

9:28 am:
Last nite I just was not able to get comfortable in bed! After a few hours of that, I decided to set up the bed in the configuration of both mattresses flat out. Side-by-side.

That did not work out. Ever since I hurt my shoulder a few months ago, it hurts me to sleep on my side as I have done all of my life. Now I have to sleep on my back on an angle. Propped up by a board and pillows.

Finally, with the aid of a pill, I was able to get to sleep. And I was comfortable for about 3-hours. I need to sleep at least 6-hours each nite for me to be healthy.

3:38 pm: I have been trying to blog using iPad. So far, this sentence  is as far as I have gotten.


  1. Hi George.... got a new T-shirt for my 80th birthday last August "80 is the new 60" also listened to Toby Keith song "Don't let the old man in" ... check out the video. Go to the gym.... you will drop 10 years at least... I will be riding my bike 5 - 7 miles later today. Age is part mental as well as physical. Looking to hear from a 70 year young George later today!
    Maybe add a hand-hold device on each side of your pass-thru for support... you can do it!

  2. Find a good chiropractor And aspirin for your shoulder
    An No they’re not all quacks