Saturday, January 05, 2019


8:21 am:
Yesterday when I ordered my bed-side cabinets from Home Depot, one of those cabinets was in the store's inventory. And, I brought it back to Box Van.

The location where I want to install that cabinet was occupied by my house batteries. So I moved those batteries to the floor underneath the foot of my bed.

3-drawer base cabinet, 18-wide x 34.5-high x 24-deep.

9:48 am:
It is just about time for me to devote my attention to straightening out Box Van's electrical system. My wiring is ridiculous. Wires going everywhere. All wires loose. I planned from the beginning to run electric lines inside PEX tubing.

Also, I need to mount the Renogy solar battery charge controller and West Marine illuminated switch panel on the wall somewhere.

West Marine Switch Panel/Circuit Breaker.

3:08 pm:
The front and back frames of the portal between the Ford and Box Van need to have a 5" spacer. This spacer is made up of (2) 2.5" spacers glued together to give the 5" required.

These spacers are necessary in order for the front frame to clear Box Van's exterior fiberglass wall.

This pic was captured after installing the first 2.5" spacer.

View looking down at the bottom of the first spacer so
that you may see Box Van's fiberglass exterior wall. 

All of that ugly stuff is made up of rubber sealing 
strips and Great Stuff foam seal and will be covered up 
when the pass thru's portal frame is complete.


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