Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Year Brings Water!

3:22 pm:
Yesterday, in my last Blog post for 2018, I Blogged to you about by my fresh water tank never having even a drop of water put into it.

Here in my first post in 2019, I cannot Blog that anymore!

My fresh water tank has water!

Note: The water in the tank is at an angle because Box Van is camped in a place that's not level.

3:59 pm:
When I went to test my plumbing job, there was a leak underneath the sink. Also, it was clear that I needed a shut-off valve on the line coming from the tank.

But the plumbing worked! Fresh water flowed out from the faucet and into the sink!

This marks a milestone in the Box Van saga!



  1. It's always great to see a new system work for the first time. Congratulations George!

  2. Hi George,
    haven't replied in a while, but been following every day.
    You have done so much better with the build and the appliances selected. Much better than we originally discussed about getting used appliances from an RV junkyard. Plus I have learned so much from you about this stuff. Happy new year and most of all THANK YOU