Monday, January 21, 2019

Nite Camp Near Shelter Islsnd

9:40 am:
I first Day Camped at Shelter Island in the winter of 2003. I never Nite Camped in the neighborhood. Because there are signs warning against RVs camping. So, I used to go over to the area of the Belmont Park roller coaster and stay there.

But now with Box Van, things are different. There are no signs warning about furniture trucks. So, I found a Nite Camp just across from the Ramada Inn. About 1-mile from Shelter Island.

After 10 pm when the traffic died down, this place is quiet. Great for sleeping.

10:53 am:
This morning, On the way back to Shelter Island, where I am now, I stopped at Ralph's Grocery to get orange juice and eggs.

For breakfast, I prepared 2-eggs over easy, Mimi's ham, English muffin.


4:20 pm:
One of the first things that I bought for Box Van was:
Nature's Head
Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Nature's Head is the cat's meow! It takes very little maintenance. About once every 4-days the Urine bucket needs emptying. Every 4-weeks, the sphagnum moss which processes #2 needs changing.  

Today I dumped the used sphagnum moss and bought fresh moss at Home Depot. 



  1. Breakfast looks delicious....Take care...Marilyn

  2. From the picture you posted, looks like your MacBook is back up and running:)

  3. I'm interested to see how box van works out in terms of stealth. This could be a winning venture. I like what you've done so far. Wish I had your talents with wood.

  4. Hi George
    I find the sequence of these to blog entries very interesting.

    Annapolis Md U.S.A