Monday, January 14, 2019

Three Hour Workdays!

8:44 am:
A couple of days ago I was over at John's home. I told him that I was completely exhausted. Terribly tired!

I told John, "The day before I had worked for over 10-hours".

John counseled me. "You should stop working at 3-hours!"

That's what I shall do from now on!

10:55 pm:
It is sooooo cold and damp with rain this morning, that I have decided to treat myself to have "Breakfast at Denny's".

I ordered a black coffee and Belgian Waffle Slam with egg over-easy, bacon, and sausage.

By the time that I returned to Box Van, I was all warmed up!

12:35 pm:
The weather for today is cold and rainy. Inside Box Van, the temperature is 66℉. That's about as warm as my Wave-6 Catalytic heater is able to raise the temperature this morning. This is not terribly cold. But, I would like it warmer.

On board, I have the plumbing for hooking up my Wave-3 heater. The Wave-6 plus the Wave-3 working in concert would definitely give the temperature a boost!

However, in order to add that plumbing, I would have to go behind the Nova Kool fridge. And that would mean releasing the two wood pieces which secure the counter to Box Van's frame and moving counter forward.

I had already released those two wood pieces and moved the counter forward when I remembered my promise to myself to work only three hours each day!!

Then I remembered: "Do not make a vow that you do not intend to keep!"

I moved everything back, and put away my tools!

7:46 pm:
This afternoon I went to a T-Mobile store in order to get my iPad Mini an account. The iPad now has an account. But I am struggling to understand how to use it!

Tomorrow I have to return to the T-Mobile store in order to be shown how to use the iPad to do my Blogger stuff.

You may recall that my Apple Mac Air computer is going in for repair. While the Mac is in the shop, I am hoping to do my Blogging using the iPad.



  1. Perfect advise! What's the rush?

    1. Hi Phil,

      The problem with me is accepting the fact that I am now 81-years of age.

      I just cannot push myself to work like I did when I was only 79!



  2. Put your raincoat on put your galoshes on and be the little kid that you wanna be and go jump in the puddles
    I’ll tell you a little secret for me it’s no different today than it was 73 years ago My grandson thinks I’m crazy cool yes I am
    But walking in the rain walking On the beach. Is John’s way of saying to you stop sometimes and smell the roses

  3. You're only 81 in calendar years. You're much younger than two of my siblings who are 78 and 79.

    1. LBM,

      That's a wonderful compliment!